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Ride the dragon, ride him high
Weave the story 'round the sky
Let him guide you, turn no oar
Only faith will let you soar
Find the snow, then find the sun
And will then your task be done
This your task and this your road
Till another takes the load
Ride the dragon, leap the sea
Then his eye shall set you free

Jaden Dragon

Jaden dragon, how it roars
Precious stone but yet alive
Stony winging, how it soars
Beware, beware that precious dive
This is not for you to know:
Where, oh where the treasure lies?
Till you find the sun with snow
Dragon bears you as it flies

The Ravages of the (Civil) War

While soldiers languish, battles rage,
By summer death is wrought
Not cannonballs, nor musket shells,
But sickness from the swamps, unsought
Malaria, typhoid, strike them down
A well man scarcely to be found
The deathly summer soon is past
But troubles far from gone
An Army lust--the natives crushed
Forced out again, the Walk that's Long
From their homes, like Trail of Tears
Hopes are buried under fears
Another battle claims the most
Antietam: a slaughter site
Cornstalks wave o'er scores of dead
Neither truly wins the fight
Mutilated men that groan
Forever, what a day to mourn!

Twisted Rail Ties

Sherman marches to the sea,
Women, men, and children flee
Smoke, it billows to the sky
Left behind--twisted rail ties

Livestock slaughtered, houses burned
Fields are trampled, burnt, and spurned
When you see him, stay not, fly!
Leave behind--twisted rail ties

Soldiers spread for sixty miles
Raid and burn with bitter smiles
Not a scream, no, not a sigh
Left behind--twisted rail ties


Tomorrow is a stranger,
a stranger I’ll never know
Yesterday is now only a memory,
of radiance and grieves of past
The Present is where we’re at,
but what do we really know?
The Past, Present, and Future,
they are holders of our hope

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate
The perfect hot drink
An ooze of warmth
Filling your body
The marshmallows floating atop
The whipcream mustache
Oh so Divine
The Chocolate Drink
Authors Note: Hot chocolate, the heavnly drink of awesome-ness!!

The littlier joys

Little noses press against icy windowpanes,
as they exhale warm breath to form a canvas
Stout fingers squiggle across the glass,
and little landscapes begin to take form

The worn kettle screeches with delight,
as it lets off its puffs of steam with merriment
Caring hands pour the warm drink,
as the clumsier hands of eager children drop handfuls of marshmallows

A smile stretches across the dim face,
at the sight of a snowman braving the cold
His coal grin brings a new kind of warmth to the pale face

A sigh is let loose from chapped lips,
as a tired Papa steps through the door
Little arms cling to him with enthusiasm
And suddenly the lines of worry have decreased

O, the small wonders of the Winter season

Haiku Dump!

Why the stinging rain?
Or snow, or deep yawning caves?
Is there an answer?

All water swallowed
All Nature drowned in blazes
Oh, accursed fire

When seashells break far
If never mountains speak, then
Sons and daughters weep


Pitiful is this poem
Pitiful it shall be
Pitiful from the day
Pitiful from the end
Pitiful-ness shadows round' it
Pitiful-ness ails it's beauty
Pitful is what it shall be...

Can You?

((author's note: Can you??))

Why is there never inspiration,
Rhythm, thoughts, or words that flow?
Why is there always cruel frustration,
Never knowing what you know?
Why is there never truth for knowing?
It is sought but never found
Always nothing there for showing
Seems a waste to make a sound.
Can you understand my rantings here?
Do you have an inkling, see?
If you have, then thrice a cheer,
You have done it more than me.

Wishful Thinking

Flowing swiftly, off we fly
Leaping rivers, trees, and sky
I'm not riding, he's not ridden
One we are, merged and hidden
Thundering softly, touch no ground
Move so fast, not a single sound
Flying off then, wild and free
Just as one--my horse and me

Untitled D:

written for school for the sole purpose to creep out my english didn't work, she liked it--even went as far as to describe it as 'intense'...i have failed. never again will i probably attempt dark poetry.
Chained, to the secrets she holds
They bitterly mock her agony
Scarred, with the pains of the past
Crushed, with the absence of love
Stained, with the stinging salt tears of remorse
And burdened with the darkness of death
With a heart grown colder than stone,
and the fractured remains of was once a soul
The feeble beaten body,
cold, bruised, broken, and without any sensation
knows only pain and grief.
Happiness now is but only a distant radiance.
Her numb fingers grope the dark for signs of hope,
fading into the night
and slipping away from reality,
falling from this world.
Even the sun has no warmth.
*i know what you're thinking (even though i dropped telepathy+mind reading class last year) the idea of the verse is quite old and nothin' new. yaaaa and it does seem interestingly uncreative-ly like the ashes poem, i noticed that too...heh...heh...the monkey rocks, i know.

My novel hymn

“Over the hills . . .
Past the sky. . .
Beyond the lakes . . .
There you’ll find . . .
Joyous bells,
Ringing high
So loud and clear
Xertruy cries . . .
For this lovely sound
Near the heavens high
Above the stars
Past the planets
Valiant warriors live in peace
Fauns dance till dawn
Centaurs race the heavens’
Beyond everything
An heir will rise
For the true
And the wise . . .”
Authors note: I made this hymn/poem from my novel "the begginings" if the last part made no sense... I can't explain it. The hymn/poem is called "Beyond Everything" if you wanted to know .-.

Pearl of Greatest Price

Now everything around him seems a pearl of greatest price
But never does he see one inside of a single grain of rice
Now meaningless this life is all he thinks he wants or needs
But never does he stoop so low so as to plant a single seed
Now seeing all of nothing he believes his way is right
But never does he realize the darkness from the light
Now loving worthless jewels he allows his soul decay
But never does he even spare a thought to stop and pray
Then suddenly he's given sudden sight and sudden knowing
And suddenly the stopped-up stream of life is started flowing
And suddenly he sees that all he's loved are worthless goods
And suddenly he sees beyond the oceans and the woods
And only then does he receive what had been done for him
And with a shout, his life returns, his mind no longer dim
Now only one thing to him is the pearl of greatest price
And when he goes away from here, he'll go to paradise

Can i haz a llama?

Can i haz a llama?
Do you haz a llama?
Llama llama llama

Authors note: WILL YOU GIVE ME A LLAMA!!?? An alpaca will do just as well!! PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!
Authors note note: i cant find anything else that ryhmes with llama, except obama...

That Face

I used to think of the world as a sad place
Until I saw that face
That face that hung on a tree
That face that suffered death for me
That face that knew no sin
That face that took me in
That face that comforts the afflicted
That face that's blood was shed
Now the beauties of this world, I know


If life was always boring
And people always sad
The world would be an awful place
It really would be bad

If seashells never varied
And pebbles stayed the same
The beach would cease to be much fun
And lose its well-known fame

If trees were never orange
And autumn never came
A striking bit of color, gone
We'd lose that stunning flame

If all the world was changeless
And everyone was sly
The world would be a foreign place
And I? Well, I would cry.

Sliding Stars

Raindrops sliding down a car window in a parking lot
In the light of the street lamps
Rain mists the air
Drips slowly down the cars
Raindrops sliding down the window
Sparkling and twinkling
Stars sliding down the window
Stars falling from the sky
Twinkling, twinkling
In the light of the street lamps
Stars, sliding down a car window in a parking lot


An empty page is torturous,
It stares and taunts my weakness
Of how I cannot write them down
Those thoughts that I possess
The poem taunts me too,
It tells me I can't do it
That I can never be profound
And put some rhyming to it
But does rhythm really matter?
Are the rhymes what makes the poem?
Are beauteous words what make the tale
Or is it that I know them?
And so I sit and write them down
And into words I try to squeeze
My tumbling thoughts that never rhyme
I'm limited, and tied, oh please
Just let me truly express myself
And let my words be true
But words themselves are holding me
To something less than what I knew
But here are some things I will say
And some things that I know are true
Words are never, ever perfect
--Love is something that you do

A little something to dampen the mood

from the ashes she was born

never loved, never known

years of hate filled her life

years of solitude marked her days

to the grave she will shall go

to the grave with a rose

all alone,

never lived, never knew,

even the head stone knew not her name

bare and empty is her heart

black and cold, never dear

to the ashes she returns

to the ashes she remains

Cold and lonely,
he watched the rain
Gray skies and grayer clouds,
the drops pounded against the window pane

As the wind blew with a shriek,
he sat there watching the day,
bitter, miserable, and bleak
Alone, he sat watching the rain

Testimony Poem

Let me tell you of my story
Let me tell you of His grace
How He saved a rebel running
Running down a hell-bound race

I was unaware of mercy
I was unaware of love
I knew only self and pleasure
Never thought of God above

Then, I learned that I'm a sinner
Learned that I'm deserved of wrath
Learned that God was righteous, holy
Learned I walked on the wrong path

What to do, then, what to do?
Was I truly bound for hell?
Had I any hope of heav'n?
When I'd found someone who'd tell--

Nothing, I was shocked to hear,
All already had been done
Jesus bore that wrath for me
He, the Father's only Son!

'Cause of Him, I now can say
By His blood I've been washed clean
I'm adopted as His child
Receiving love I'd never seen

He is still my caring Father
He will never cease to be
He possesses love unmeasured
And by His grace--He saved me!

Nightmare of Gold

Every time
The dream, it comes
A nightmare borne on the wings of illness
The same one
The same nightmare, it comes
I find myself trapped, lost, stuck
In a golden expanse of a blur
Too bright
And yet, too dull
Who knew gold could be so depressing?
I'm lost, my head spinning
Churning, focusing
On everything, and nothing
Then comes the voice,
The voice that gives all despair
The voice that causes a trembling
It calls out to me
"Aha! Now you're here,
Now you're here once again
Shall we start once again?
Ha! we will start once again."
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
It speaks to me
"Try one"
Overwhelmed, suddenly
Pain, bursting throughout my head
Bursting with no control
Bursting, it hurts
Staggering pain, overwhelming
It radiates from my mouth
Too much like a seizure
I cry out for mercy
It stops--
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
The voice raises to a shout
A calm shout, infuriating calm
"Now! Try a hundred!"
Overwhelmed a hundred magnified
Bursting a hundred magnified
I can't control it
I can't bear it
I scream for mercy, but
Mercy never comes
The golden expanse, it pounds
Pounds on my eyes, on my head
The cruel voice
Keeps raising it, up and up
A thousand, two thousand, three
It goes on and on
I remember it
Yet I cannot remember it...
The nightmare, it comes
Borne on the wings of illness
Every time


It lies there, broken,
Desolate on the bleak rocky shore
Hurled time after time
By the merciless waves
Smashed against the stony crags
Again and again
Feebly struggling for breath,
Gasping, and stinging salt water seeps into its open mouth
Left alone for one relieving moment
Then sucked back into the sea
And hurled against the stones
Until it seems it cannot get more shattered
But what makes it worse
Are those brief moments of relief
Emphasizing the agonizing terror and pain
Of the greedy, malicious ocean
And still...
It lies there, broken

Journey On

White sails billowing
Towards the sun
To the ocean--
Journey on

Wooden coracle
Bearing strong
Down a river--
Journey on

Rickety wagon
Through a meadow--
Journey on

All you travelers
Every dawn
I salute you--
Journey on

Music Grand

Music grand,
Singing, singing,
Blending perfectly
Music comes to life
Springing from the notes,
Stiff, rigid black lines on paper
Turning into
Silver melodies ringing clear
Golden harmonies humming soft
Springing to life
Music grand

Autumn Collaboration

As we bear the cold autumn winds
The brisk autumn nights
The cold trails us by a hair everywhere
Yet still, we play outside
We run outside
We talk outside
Through the hay maze
Like little mice for cheese
We wander too the end
For the great big prize
Crunch crunch crunch, the sound
Of a big leaf pile
Jumped upon
Numerous times
Being shaped into
Cars, trains,
Boats, and spaceships
Being raked Up
And Up
And Up.
[Authors note: this was made by me myself, and i]

Eating in the Sun

Listen, do you hear the sun?
That burning sound--yes, that one!
Ever louder it is growing
Joy and life now it is showing

Better than that other sound,
Than that dreary hum, I've found
One that comes from those gray skies
Makes you want to close your eyes

Wait, pay attention, stay in your seat--
Smell that, hear that? It's time to eat!


Here is something you can do:
Lose yourself in books of lore
Soak them in, hear the stories
Life, death, love evermore

Here is something you can do:
Run for joy in meadows wide
Feel the wind and world rush past
Pay no heed to your aching side

Here is something you can do:
Find a quiet place and kneel
Talk to Him, and He will listen
His tender care, then, you will feel

Here is something never done:
Sacrificing your own Son...
And yet, God did
In love unmeasured, never hid

Only Nothing

He reaches his hand up
"There's so much to grab
I need only take it for myself
No one will know
I will prosper
I will rise high in the world
I will be powerful
No one will know
I need only take it for myself "
He says to himself and

He reaches his hand up
And his fist closes on air
As he grasps in vain for
Empty promises

Answer Me

Sunset glory
Mountains tall
Hear my story
Hear my call

Leave your silence
Speak to me
Show no violence
You, who see

I am weary
Are you not?
Time is dreary
Years are naught

Give me answer
Nothing more
Whence the dancer?
Why the shore?

Where the seasons?
Who the sun?
Give me reasons
More than one

Sunset glory
Mountains tall
Shun my story...
Scorn my call

Not Satisfied

Eagle's wings, soaring high
Carry me away from here
Through the breeze and to the sky
Until, until the moon is near

Eagle's wings, soaring far
Carry me away from here
Underneath one shining star
Leave behind one glistening tear

Eagle's wings, soaring low
Never bring me where I seek
Faltering as tempests blow
Falling, then, on deserts bleak

Eagle's wings, soaring not
Cannot satisfy my soul
Never finding what I sought
Never will they fill that hole

Why and When

Why the never-ending seas?
Why the swarming, buzzing bees?
Why the twinkling, sparkling stars?
Why the rushing, coughing cars?

When will time come to an end?
When will rivers never bend?
When will ocean floors be dry?
When will people never lie?

How am I supposed to know?
When the trees dance in the snow!

Sleepy Time

Now the time has come to sleep,
Dreams await you, little one
Dreams of shepherds, heroes, sheep,
Now the nighttime has begun

Dreams of mountains far and near,
Dreams of oceans shimm'ring fair,
Images of prancing deer,
A meadow with a single mare

Dreams await you, little one
Rest your little head tonight
Soon you'll feel the morning sun
For now, the stars will be your light

Sleep away your weariness
In the morning you shall play
Sleep and dream in happiness,
Till at last it comes--the new day

Leave Your Sorrow and Despair

Look into the evening sky,
See the glory gleaming there,
Lift your voice and strive to fly
Leave your sorrow and despair

Listen for the river's song,
Hear the beauty flowing there,
Listen close and listen long,
Leave your sorrow and despair

Plunge your fingers to the snow,
Feel the spirit burning there,
Spirits high and spirits low,
Leave your sorrow and despair

When the tide goes out to sea
When you see the rainbow there,
Look, listen, feel so free...

Leave your sorrow and despair


Let all jubilee spill out!
Let all People rejoice!
As we have a week full of
Fellowship, friends, and laughter
As we look back at all the old times
Together in the church.
Happy 25th Anniversary
Authors note: lets celebrate!!

Paper Airplanes

They fly high in the sky
gliding, diving,
twirling, whirling
yet light as a feather
Authors note: You want too learn how too make paper airplane YEEEESSSS????? then keep eyes on sensei!!

Collaboration for a Celebration!

We started one boring May Wednesday night,
With a haiku or two and warm welcome

We invited a reader or two, or three,

And soon our beautiful tri-blog blossomed,
As we gained follower after follower,
Till we had six of those lovers of poetry,
The Lives of Three in Poetry is thankful


Your witty comments,
"Teehee's", "Sweet's", and even your "umm's" and "eww's",
We are grateful for
We've come this far

In the life of our small blog
100 posts,

And 100 plus poems!

Haikus, free verse, traditional,
And even more,
So grab your party hats

And let the jubilee begin!

So as we close
These stanzas three,
We thank you all
For being with us

We have come a long way

And we thank you!


the pitter patter of the rain
fallin' on the umbrella
beautiful sound of the
falling drops dancing
on the puddles
oh how lovely is the rain?

Authors note: rain is awesome without thunda!

Free Verse.

chained to my sins
temptations everywhere
evils are lurking behind,
every corner
always searching
But never truly finding
searching for hope
hope for life
Searching for a reason,
a reason to live
Searching for the answer,
to the question,
why even live at all?
finding the light
The infinite light,
full of everything good and Holy.
Finding Him
learning His ways,
His Teachings,
Living under His provision,
peace of mind,
living under His,


You see them twinkling
You see them sparkling
Through the misty atmosphere
But tell me,
Have you ever heard the stars,
Listened to their wondrous song,
Clear and crystal, a shining sound?
Tell me,
Have you ever touched the stars,
Felt their scorching, cooling surface,
Hard yet soft and gentle?
You can always see the stars
But you've never lived,
Until you've heard
And touched
The stars


He still stands in the shadows,
She's in the open moonlight,
He wonders why
She wonders why
He hesitates
And then, suddenly
He knows he loves her,
He steps into the moonlight
He kneels
She gasps
He stands up and hugs her
And she hugs him back.

Six months later,
He stands at the altar,
She's still outside the sanctuary,
She wonders why,
He wonders why,
She hesitates,
And then, suddenly,
She knows again she loves him,
She steps into the aisle
She says "I do"
He says "I do"
They look into each others' eyes
And never, ever after that
Forget when they hesitated,
And then knew,
That they loved each other.


freed from the cages of sin,
from the fetter of past daunting secrets,
from the dim glow of evil,
within your very soul
Free to live,
free to be,
free to worship,
and glorify.

Truthful Deceptions

Once upon a fresh dreary autumn dark,
I dreamed a dream beyond the night,
a dream so new and strange,
it still gives me quite a fright

Twas such a dream filled with truthful deception,
just enough to make you want to continue the delusion.
But things hastily turn to confusion and sorrow from such relaxation

Icy cold sweat floods your body as your teeth glaringly grind in the night,
everything within your every being has change, there is no solution
Your muscles tighten as your heart goes a-flight,
you can feel it coming over you,
as if it were a great pollution.
Your heart is beating with such rapid pace,
the rest of your being can hardly keep up.
The fear rises upon your horror-stricken face…

But then with the speed of a second,
the insanity is over.
You find yourself awake,
reality begins to surrounds you,
but still your body can do nothing but shake

The voices you heard,
the stomping,
the quarrels,
the shirking,
everything you felt,
all that you thought you knew,
and all that you had yet to,
all were but only a dream.
Only a mere dream


This very frightful day,
I went in and sat down upon a very high chair,
and got my hair cut.
The snipping of the metal sheers,
the small talk of the dresser,
and the taste of the cherry lollipop,
all part of the intriguing experience
Only but 3 inches were gone,
but I still miss my hair.

The end.

Food On The Brain

Chocolate and cream
smushed together to form,
a choice cookie
The perfect drink,
Creamy, cold, and refreshing
Goes great with cookies

Authors Note:
This is my first time doing an 'author's note'...
but i just thought i'd inform you
(the readers)
that i'm hungry.


Homework is a strange thing
It's work you do at home
And turn in again the next day
And then they tell you whether
It's good
Or bad

But the question is,
When you're homeschooled
What is homework?
Is it your schoolwork,
Or is it the supplements
After dinner?
What is homework when you're homeschooled?


Sir Princess Bubbles, Ma’am,
high and mighty is your throne.
Ruling above like none before,
your kingdom reigns from pond to shining pond

Autumn (I prefer the name to Fall)

Autumn is
A crisp, a clear
A scent of
Apples and cider and leaves and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A shiver, a shudder,
A feeling of
Autumn rain and cold and warmth and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A taste, a smell,
A dinner of
A turkey and stuffing and cranberries and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A sight, a tree,
A beautiful forest
A burst of sudden colored foliage and falling leaves and
Autumn itself

Autumn is



One day while at church, I was talking a bit

To Meagan Smith and Rachel Gemmell

About spiders and other such frightening things

When Meagan did something that really rang a bell

Now it's known that if something is very disgusting,

But given a name, it no longer seems so

So Meagan just went and found us a spider

And we named the thing Freddy, right on the go

So this Sunday, I went to look at the spot

Where Freddy had been weeks before....

Needless to say I laughed quite a lot...

While all those who were passing rightly did stare--

For you see, my dear readers: Freddy's still there!

The grand oak tree

The grand oak tree,
How majestic it stands
It towers over all others
In the heart of the forest it lies.
The wind, through its branches.
The wind through its leaves
The wind toils the tree
Yet, the grand oak tree--
Still stands as majestic as can be
Authors note: i was gonna write about food, but than i got inspiration. :P

Random Cinquains

First a green bud
Then petals open wide
Beautiful color, here, a rare

The moon
Calm and quiet
Clouds cover its brightness
Now, the moon breaks through the cover

Joyful bubbling
Next moment loud roaring
Then the water calms and is soft

A Work, Hopefully Progressing

It was the typical cold October afternoon;
the winds were whirling about the streets while upsetting everything that came across their path,
the bitter brisk air turning quite a few noses red,
and the sun well hidden behind a vast sky of ominous dark clouds.
Yes, it almost seemed like the perfectly glum day.
All the young Mama’s and their babies hurrying along the cold pavement to get supper started,
and the young gentlemen sulking about coming home from the tedious workplace,
the shopkeepers sitting idly imagining costumers,
while the pigeons scattered throughout the town scavenging for a nice crumb or two to feed the family.
*Not sure how to end it, or if it needs a new beginning...Mia says I'm too wordy :(... Feedback begged for.

The Coming of Autumn

Fall is coming, I can feel it in the air,
though the musty breezes set a proxy
But yet the truth we must face,
for where is the good in not accepting the fact?
The Summer of Larks has come to an end
School will begin shortly,
all the knowledge we had forgotten will be gained again,
and hopefully more learned.
Teachers, schedules, classes, grades, assignments, papers, tests, studying...
Summer's start seem but only a week ago,
Autumn has crept up ever so quietly

The Real Youthcamp

Throwing frisbees, playing Stand, whacking birdies
Punching volleyballs, performing skits
Competing against each other, losing points, gaining points
Hiking, memorizing
So this, you say, this is Youthcamp?
Well, yes, we answer, but no--
This is only half, a quarter, an eighth.
Worshiping passionately, praying fervently
Meaningful discussions, wonderful devotions, powerful messages,
The Holy Spirit moving like a colossal wave,
Breaking open hearts of stone
Flowing through the cracks and
Turning them to hearts of flesh
People--teens, children, parents--on their knees
Row after row, confessing sins, weeping for joy
Jesus Christ, the perfect One, has died for them,
Their sins forgiven, washed away!
People--teens, children, parents--
Saved, all by God's infinite mercy
This, we say,
This is Youthcamp.

Youth camp

Let us celebrate!
The blue team has conquered
Sadly, the lime team has not :(
It was a run for it's money
The Black just down 1,000 points

[Authors note: sorry lime team! better luck next year :P]

I Can Still Remember

I Can Still Remember
When the stove had no problems
When the burners were stationary
And the heat was consistent
I Can Still Remember
When the shower-heads didn't threaten to fall on you
When the water was always pleasantly warm
And the pipes didn't produce a high shrieking sound
I Can Still Remember
When the basement didn't contain such a large population of spiders
When the cobwebs and clutter and dust were few
And the carpet wasn't infested with centipedes
I Can Still Remember
When the front door opened easily
When it didn't require such a force to wrench it open
And the knob actually worked

I Can Still Remember
When the house wasn't falling apart

Directed to a certain member of this prestigious blog

With every new dawn that comes,
she shrinks further into the shadows
Yes of course, we must give her credit for something,
and not say she has casted off completely,
for she shows her face now and again
Let us not forget the, scarce, but wholesome words of her's
But still, we wish she would come around more often
Why should she not?
Without her, our lonely three is a mere two
So, come post some more, Mia!
We miss your words of wisdom,
All of us here quite happen to miss your witty weather poems
(that don't depress..sigh..)
And Willy Wonka bits,
so for goodness sake, why don't you start posting again?


Cold remains of dried up acorns scatter the sidewalk's floor,
as we march home through drizzling showers
Large well kept house, after house we pass
The smell of wet earth do our insides good

The Dream

I dreamt a wonderful dream last night,
A dream so vivid, it almost was real
I stood in a huge and beautiful field
And screeched out a cry as down did I kneel
This call would summon my means of flight

A griffin, so wild, so untamed and free
Swiftly it sped its way down to my feet
Its feathers and fur both silky to touch
As I climbed on its back and held onto this seat
The griffin turned back and then spoke to me

"My master," he said, "We now go to fly,
We'll fly from this place and the people around,"
(At the moment some people came into the field)
"These people would tie you and keep you to ground
They want you to stay, but to stay is to die."

We launched off to air while the people did run,
They grabbed at my legs--endeavored to pull
But the griffin's wings beat them and caused them to fall
We sped up to where all the hot air turned cool
And then turned back down to escape from the sun

The thrill now of flying ran through me like fire,
The speed and the height both combined to delight
My griffin now swooped down and wheeled through the air,
I felt down beneath all his muscles and might
We'd escaped from the people--and now we flew higher

And just as thus far now the griffin had borne me,
When a beautiful castle had come into sight
(Which we doubtless had headed for and now had arrived)
My eyes then were opened by shining sunlight
The dream now had ended--and all by the sea.


As Tom waves cordially,
Billy smiles back.
And so the two begin to converse
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
(...or so we think...)

Physical Therapy

"Turn your ankle here"
"Good! Now turn your ankle there"
"Ah. Time for ice"

"Ok. No Jumping!"
"No Running! Swimming is fine..."
"Um. Walking is great."

"Now when you're at home,"
"Do all these exercises"
"And come back next week!"

Two unhealthy soultions to hunger.

Pringles: Yummy Yum.
Sour Cream and Onion, so good
Great Taste, bad for you

Snyder's pretzel bits
Honey, Mustard, and Onion
the love of my life: always

(PS: I'm starting to realize I like products with "onion'' in their name more than I ever noticed before...hmmm....)


If you look here and see,
I haven't posted in quite some while.
Sad the fate, but true
I do hope you don't think I'm that vile
But here it is, and here it shall remain,
'Dull as powder' and slightly rhyming,
Is it's sad refrain


Happy 4th Of July

Today is the day of a birth date,
of the United States of America dear.
So we're getting ready to eat, (even though I just ate)
We'll put up decorations,
and sing the Nation's anthem loud and clear.
Fireworks will fill the sky,
as kids scream in fear
Get togethers, parties, and more!

Happy Birthday Mia

A most beloved fellow author
Today reaches the age of eleven
She's witty and smart and small for her age
(If you see her you'd guess she'd be seven)

Despite her small size, though,
I think she'll be great
I'm sure she'll succeed
(And by then she'll look eight)

Her friends all agree
Although she acts ghetto,
Yes, Mia is awesome
She's very much so


Why so worried?

Anxiety: a state of worry or concern
It is also the cause of those little wrinkles upon your forehead that make you look so very forlorn.
It’s rather depressing actually, to see you like this.
What ever happened to Peace, Happiness, and Bliss?
Let us not worry, for we are in greater hands.
What will happens will happen, and it happens for the best.
Even though we might not understand, it’s all part of the plans.
Let’s see a smile upon that worried face.
Yes, it is good to see the dim anxious frown replace.

Billy Mays :(

Yet another star has fallen,
and I'm very sad to see him pass.
First the The King of Pop and now the King of TV
Both at age fifty,
and both by a heart attack.

Disney Channel Movies

So Once in a While,
Disney cranks out
A good Movie like
But mostly, they're quite awful
Or like
(1 was not so bad)
Or the newest:
Spare yourself some
Wasted Life and Time
And don't watch any of
Named As Bad

More Weather

The weather is slowly warming
The sun now constantly out
Playing outside is more of a joy
Running around with a shout

Although the sky still sometimes grays
When down comes the summer rain
The rain will be warmer than before
No longer ice, freezing pain

Weather in summer is better and nice
Except in days of a hundred degrees
But in those days there's always the POOL
And shade underneath lots of trees


Socks ;o

Blue, orange, white,
purple, yellow and green
polka dotted from top to toe
all the way up to my knees they go
Colors of the rainbow,
dotted along the gray
Size 5-9 and I didn't have to pay!

(I love socks....)

Our Apologies

For all of this blog's followers
We really must apologize
Our poem-posts have grown less constant
Even those about gray skies

We promise you, our readers dear
Abandon blogs we do not do
So though we won't post three a day
It definitely will continue

If you're bored and if you're free
You can come here anytime
There's no guarantee of new posts
But still, enjoy our silly rhymes

Weather, life, or anything,
We will surely write about it,
And we haiku, free-verse, rhyme
Poems really are a hit!



It starts in the Form
Of Portfolio Craze
Find your Files!
Stick 'em in...
Then Go to your
Nervous, Anxious,

She looks over
"I'm Impressed!"
"You've really done a lot."
A Sigh

It's Over


“Get up! Get out! It’s time to go”,
she shout.
“No, I shan’t. I feel as if I were going to puke!”
He moaned and groaned, giving everyone rebuke
“Just because it is ill you have fell, doesn’t mean you must become so very pell-mell”
She tried to coax, she tried to make me go,
But all he felt was more woe.
He would not go, he certainly would not,
not to the store, not anymore.
He protested,
for he ever so detested,
the store in which he was beckoned to go.
But it was an awful good fight she fought.
And eventually he did what he ought,
he gave up, he couldn’t resist,
he gave in to the bribes and the promises given
And so the sickness faded,
And to the store went he where he was bade-ed.

A day to remember

Dearly beloved,
we have gathered here today
to say goodbye,
to one who has passed away
she will be missed by all
And all shall miss,
her sparkling smile as she stands tall,
her glistening eyes,
for we shan't see them for quite a while
So these daises we'll throw,
and songs we shall sing,
to our departed Kelly

Bad News

...and we regret to inform you...
Even though that I do hate to bring bad news,
that though the sun was nice,
it has not lasted
The clouds have settled in,
the rain has fallen,
and it's gray and dismal again
Oh, the unpredictable June weather

OH, Sunny Day

Hooray, hooray,
Today, today's a sunny day!
For weeks it seemed
The sun was gone
The clouds would rule
But not for long!
Mr. Sun has broken through
And shines upon the trees
All the plants lift up their heads
And greener glow the leaves!
Today, today,
Let's go out and play!


These band aids two,
marked with the lovable Scooby Doo
A fellow author of our little blog,
who's taken to a few scrapes,
are to who this special gift is to,
Hope your scrapes get better...
And that you like Scooby Doo ^_^

Graduation Day

He's graduating--
My Brother Dan
He'll survive in college
(Well, I hope he can)

But the house will seem empty
Just Jeremy and I
And we can't sing like HIM,
So why even try?

But I won't lose hope,
Someday we'll sing too
And, as well, graduate!
That's something new!

So never despair
School one day will end
(Like it will for my brother)
And to work you'll attend...

(But that's not a bad thing, work brings MONEY)


The Rain

The Rain
Sheets down
Whipped Around By
The Wind
Hammers, hammers
Into the Ground
Strings Down
Falling From the
Drips, drips, Drips
Off The leaves
Waters Trees
Waters Grass--
Earth Drinks in
The Rain

Mysterious June Weather

Yet another dreary gray day
The trees stand out,
against the gray clouds
A cold 60 degrees reads the thermometer
And to think, we thought it was June
It seems like March or April
I suppose Summer has been put on delay
Maybe tomorrow will be a sunnier day?


Summer is almost here
Summers time is near
Hot Summer Days
Cool Summer Nights
Not a cloud in sight
Summers time is here!
(Authors note: summer totally rocks!!!)


Puppies, yippity yappity
They go around chasing their tales
happily having fun
They play all day
At night they come in
And snuggle down
They nuzzle your chin
Giving affection
Tomorrow a brand new day
(NOTE: this may make no sense at all!!)


So today I went to the library
And on my crutches hopped
And tried to get at the low-down books
But eventually I stopped,
'Cause complications galore arise,
(I almost poked myself in the eyes)
And contented myself to look


Spring Breeze

The spring breeze whips through your hair..
Unknowing where it goes next
It has no care of where it goes
It has no notion of what it does
It travels far & wide
Through the trees and over the tide
The spring breeze is always there..


Today I went To the
To the
Emergency Room
My Ankle felt
They wheelchair'd
Me Into the
X-Ray Room
And Positioned
My Foot
(Oh How it Hurt)
To take
Then, Looking
At one
They Discovered
The Crack
And hurried
To give me A
Splint (To
Allow for
Further Swelling)
They Issued
Me Crutches
And Here
I Am
Swinging myself

To all who CAN


Who did you see?

Who did you see?
I'll tell you if you tell me

A Wedding Day Today

'tis a wedding day t'day

'tis a beautiful day t'day

'tis a day for union and marriage

'tis a day for happiness and love

the sun is shinin'

the birds are singin'

'tis a wonderful day t'day

(teehee, going to a wedding x])

Stink Bugs Have Invaded

The stink bugs have invaded,

We’ve given up,
They’ve won.

With every one flushed down the toilet,

Six more will appear

We've found them in our beds,

We’ve found them un-feared

We've found them in our hair,

We’ve found them on our food,

But for them we don't give a care.

It's time we've ridded of them for good

But the stink bugs have invaded, and the stink bugs have won

(True story...sadly...)


So today we can see
That the sky is still gray
But the forecast has said
"That's not all for today!"
"There'll be quite some sun,
And of course clouds to boot,
But at six there'll be thunderstorms!
Now that's quite a brute!"



Today is a day
Where the sun is away
When we're stuck inside
Doing school
But the work can't be stopped
And by now we've all dropped
(If I could,
I would SO break the rules)

And go to a pool...



The winds have died
the air is wet
overcast clouds linger in the sky,
as the sun tries to break through
nothing much to say,
about such a dreary day such as this