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An icy wind begins to shriek and blow
Throughout the night, its cry one ghostly wail
The trees, their branches bare, now bowing low
Subject unto the mighty whirling
The ocean, roused to anger, thrashes, churns
In restless clawing tears away the shore
The sky, ablaze with lightning, flashes, burns
In agony sends forth a thund'rous roar
A tremor rocks the earth; the land is rent
Rain mercilessly whips the ground until
The wind turns all to hail, destruction-bent.
All life surrenders in defeat...yet still
I stand, unmoved, though ruin be complete
My head held high, and planted firm, my feet.


Far From Home

i lie here
darkness wrapped around me
searching through what i can see
for something, anything
but all of it only
screams at me
unfamiliar, unfamiliar, unfamiliar
the scents of this house
the sounds of this night
the coldness and roughness
of this blanket on top of me,
unfamiliar, unfamiliar, unfamiliar
my heart reaches out
and my mind falls too short
my heart aches
and my mind knows not why.


means communication
means communication of meaning
means communication of meaning through ideas
means communication of meaning through ideas through sounds or signs
means communication of meaning through ideas through sounds or signs through words
means communication of meaning through ideas through sounds or signs through words through sentences

means communication of meaning
through new ideas
through new sounds or signs
through new words
through new sentences

is changing,
as we speak.


When I move, I fly. I think it’s easier than walking
Electrons tell me stories ‘cause I listen when they’re talking
I like building monasteries--look, the ghosts are coming!
Everywhere I go, it seems the ground is always humming
I think it’s just the Under-People hacking to the top-ground
But I don’t really care ‘cause that’s a less important sound
Than the telepathic aliens who tell me what to do
They’re nice and never fail to show me how to find a clue
And though they think my eyes should be a little bit more red
I can’t decide between them, or the Monkey, when I’m dead
I think that turkeys hate me and that’s why they are so ugly
They always eat my tongue and then they stalk off oh-so-smugly

I bet you think I’m weird just ‘cause I’m special, can’t you see?
It irks me when you call this gift of mine "insanity".



A man once walked the outcast roads
His body crumbling to the dust
"Unclean! Unclean!" his mournful cry
And all would pass by with disgust

He saw his life as living death
And long stopped drawing hopeful breath...

Until he heard of miracles
One Jesus who would roam the lands
A carpenter from Nazareth
A man (or God?) with healing hands

The leper formed a daring plan,
Ignored his pain, stood up, and ran.

He knelt down at the teacher's feet
"I know that you can make me clean,
But only if you will," he said,
And wondered if he would be seen

The moment froze and time stood still--
The rabbi touched him, said "I will".

He marveled at the rabbi's pity
Gasped to feel the touch, and then
His ailment fell like cast-off scales
His skin grew strong and smooth again.

And so was I a leprous soul
He touched me too, and now I'm whole.


As I sat there

As I sat there..
I wondered if it
would ever happen again
No.. Not likely
In a few million years?
I glanced up again
Hoping; maybe something would happen?
I wouldn't have followed it
If my mind wasn't in a stage of limbo
Steely sweat drops across my face
Pelting across the water
It made me feel free&alive
Reality hit me,
I plunged into darkness



There's something bursting out of me
But what, I still don't know
It comes so fast I cannot see
Then, just as quick, will go.
I'm finding beauty everywhere
And right behind it, grief
Within the wonder comes despair
Relentless, no relief.
I tried to be a rushing stream,
One fluid, flowing force
Then that became an anguished dream
Until I found the source.
It breaks my heart to see your tears
I tremble as you weep
For life is not as it appears--
I've been too long asleep. 
My wandering is at an end
I'm leaving grief behind
So come with me and be my friend
A new world's there to find. 


Wonder of a Child

You know God? 
the One who made the stars 
and when He was 
scattering them through the universes 
He put a big one next to Earth, 
(which He made just by talking) 
to be the sun, exactly the right distance away, 
and He built a lot of stuff from 
teeny, tiny, atoms and 
all the smaller things making those up, 
stuff like molecules 
which are water 
and diamond, and iron, 
and lots of other things, 
which connect together and make 
and rocks and salt, 
and that's not all 
because He also took those molecules 
and made life-- 
a miracle in itself-- 
creating trees and grass and flowers 
and animals from the tiny amoebas 
to the hugest of dinosaurs 
and not just life, 
because He also made us, 
every single one of us 
with all our hopes and dreams and the way we think 
and what we look like 
down to our every strand of hair 
and every wrinkle in our palms, 
You know, God? 

I just thought that it was cool 
that Someone so wonderful and amazing and powerful, 
not to mention awesome, 

would hold my hand every day. 


I Seem To Be...I Really Am...

I seem to be
kind of hyperactive
maybe not kind of)
one who dances without music
--it's all in my head--
and skips around with little children
and jumps for no apparent reason
and talks a bit too much
and also likes to lie down
in the middle of the floor.
which i kind of am
you might not guess that
I really am
a quiet spirit
within a bouncing shell)
one who lies awake at night
wondering about beauty
and in the morning smiles
beauty is.
and sometimes only watches
from a distance
seeing much but staying silent
and contemplates the mysteries
of growing up, and
and rhythms and
how they make us need to move
and having personalities
at all.

I seem to be
so people tell me)
one who cares for others
and takes their interests as my own
enjoyable to talk to
and fun.
which i'm not sure i seem to be at all
if so:
you wouldn't think that really,
none of that is me.
because really I'm
proud of all my talents
and accomplishments
aren't even really mine, you see)
and all I actually care about
is me
because I'm the center of my world
and deep inside I think you'd do well
to realize and remember it--
but thank the living God, my Father,
bit by bit
He's taking that away.

I seem to be
everlastingly, strikingly, achingly,
abundantly, overwhelmingly, greatly,
Guess what?

I really am.


Luke 15: 11-32

he ran away, long ago
told his father
he wished he was dead
took his inheritance
everything he had
and journeyed far

he looked for pleasure
squandered recklessly
whirled from
party to party
was drunk on more than wine

but it couldn’t last forever

his money was gone.
a famine came.
suddenly, he didn’t know what to do.

he wallowed in mud and shame,
seeking to forget
to find solace in mindless drudgery

nothing satisfied,
not even the pods the pigs ate.


he ran away, long ago
told his father
he wished he was dead
took his inheritance
everything he had
and journeyed far

now he asks himself

wasn’t it better back there?

so now he rises from the mud
pushes through the grunting hogs
tells the farmer,
I’m going home.

He runs homeward,
unsure of what will be his welcome
but knowing anything
even being a servant
in his father’s house
is better than the pigsty.


he ran away, long ago
but now he’s coming back
trudging up the dusty road
thoughts chasing themselves
as he tries to think of what to say

I am sorry?
no, that won’t work.
I’ve sinned against you?
but still not quite right.

he realizes,
his sin was greater than he thought
not just against his father
but first

against heaven.

I have sinned against heaven
and before you
I am no longer worthy
to be called your son
Treat me as one of your...
hired servants.

satisfied, he rehearses it
perfects it
(or so he thinks)
and trudges onward


he ran away, long ago
and now he's coming back
and as he nears home
his feet slow
he stops for a moment

afraid of what will happen

there is no time
for further fear

his father had been waiting
looking every day
watching for when
he would come home

and now he runs
to welcome back his son

you, my son,
were lost and are found
you, my son,
were dead and are alive

and all the house rejoices.

diet ice cream

falling slowly, into mire gloomy
the overseers sings songs of groovy
there is nothing more to lose
tossing heavy with humor, an ocean of gastric juice
what more hides behind the veil?
the grey fog gathers close to wail

hope dons a heavy iron crown,
while the people who pass wear the same frown
the mocking bird smiles slyly,
his garb, a choker of overgrown ivy
tomorrow will forget the wind
as society seems to be quiet blind
the rain is inclined to take a bold chance
so, let us all enjoy this hypnotic trance

tell me it is not a farewell you imply
even though elves have not an intimidating battle cry
forever's march is still yet never ending
however, it's all the rules we'll be bending
your lips are cracked and dry
bobby stole your rhubarb pie

bloodstained tears cover the skies
for, picking mushrooms blindly is unwise
every page falls to its death,
by the cringing hand of bad breath
hear the harsh tone of fire's crackling roar
the reality of everything dear is never spoken for
she weeps unheard in the cold moonlight
come, dance to polka's muse with me tonight



She floats in nothing,
Hair swirling into her white dress
silver sparks surrounding her
She moves her hand
touches the milky folds--
they flee from her gentle fingers
then envelope her
a scent beyond description
She looks through silver
sees gold
love, life, joy
(o sweet joy)
warmth, no cold
but cannot go there

Don't put me back
she pleads
I cannot live in darkness more
Keep me in the silver light
The golden joy

but knows the beautiful promise stands.


There's Always Hope

surrounds me
pounds into my eyes
upon my heart
this used to be beautiful
so beautiful
Where are the flowers?
Where is the sun?
Where are the people?
they used to be beautiful
so beautiful
this was my home--
my home was here.
this could never be home--
no more
look there!
a child is standing amidst the rubble
tiny skirt lifting up
in the hot wind
and she holds
a heart in her hand
this can be beautiful
so beautiful



There's a glorious song
Weaving through all Nature
Listen close
You'll hear it.

The stars
scattered, sprinkled
across the deep rolling blue
of the night sky,
voices clear and high
like silver light upon the ear
twinkling melodies
Listen close
You'll hear it.

The trees
swaying gently, waving
branches, rustling leaves
of emerald green
voices clear and strong
harmonies intertwining
like tendrils on a growing vine
Listen close
You'll hear it.

The ocean
tossing waves, crashing
against the mossy cracked rock
of faded grey
voices clear and rippling
like swirling frothing sea-foam
soothing lullabies
Listen close
You'll hear it.

The sun
rising, setting
in golden sweeping swathes of fire
cast across billowing clouds
voices clear and burning
dancing rhythms
like snapping, cracking sparks
Listen close
You'll hear it.

In the cry of the seagull
the gust of the wind
the wolf's mournful howl
the moon's pale rays
the snow-peaked mountains
There's a glorious song
Weaving through all Nature
Listen close
you'll hear it--

Then sing along.


oooohhh i have no idea what this is about

I come when winter's midnight dreams
When all the world have closed their eyes
When golden light begins to glow
I come to bind the silver skies
My face is hid by branches bare
My eyes are like the northern stars
My hair is wound through icy streams
My gaze is piercing, near and far
I seek the one who hears my song
The one who brings me to the sea
I seek the one who gives me rest
The one whose eyes will set me free.


I hate my handwriting

I hate my writing
It looks so horrifying
Please don't look at it


Authors note: i really do hate my handwriting, it really is horrifying, and i really don't want anyone looking at it.

Apology note: Sorry for not writing in a long time... I had no inspiration around me.


It's dark here,
and I can't remember what sunlight looks like.
Is it yellow, green, or blue?
It can't be red, because I can't remember red.
What is white?
Maybe sunlight is white.
But it's dark here,
and I hate it.
Hate how the sound of water
is but a drip and trickle
maddeningly out of rhythm
Hate how the ground is cold
and wet, slimy,
Hate how the only voice is mine
too loud, too soft
and strange to my ears.
Do I still speak?
Or is this just my mind?

Oh, take me home!

I remember home
Hugs, smiles, light
friends (who were they?)
trees, grass, stars,
Mountains in the distance,
cool rivers laughing,
rushing by
clouds dancing in the sky,
thunder, lightning
thrills of speed.
But I can't remember sunlight.

I want to.

Oh, take me home!


Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am a girl,
One who likes to laugh
Who speaks in rhythm
But still can fly in dreams.
I am a child,
One who has not seen the world
Who looks for adventure
But still knows the beauty of home.
I am an artist,
One who watched for years
Who has stepped forward
But still watches, to learn.
I am an author,
One who tells a story
Who breathes out life
But still loves to read.

Yet who am I?

It's strange.
For I am only me.

Yet who am I?

It's stranger.
For I am only Him.



starch perfume lazes
potatoes boil happily
the eggs are quite squished


p.s. we're reverting back to orange
(oh, brings back memories!) momentarily while our maintenance crew works in figuring things out.heh heh.

I Am

Every day I call the dawn,
The sun, to run its course
I'll stay till all the Earth is gone
For I remain, the Source
I blow the wind to fill your sails
I guide the river's flow
I whip the ocean's mighty gales,
And craft each drop of snow
I tell each lightning bolt its path
I speak through thunder's voice
I rule the lion's mighty wrath
And make the rains rejoice
I paint the rainbow's radiant glow,
I give the flow'rs their hue
I draw the tide from high to low
And garb the grass with dew
I bring the oak tree from its seed
I build the mountain's crest
I care for every sparrow's need
And grant the eagle rest
And every night I close your eyes
I watch you while you dream
To bring you safe to morning skies
Into My daylight's gleam

Weeping Turtle

Beside flowing water
A lonely mist crept
As rain trickled downwards
The young turtle wept
Remembering Mother
Who swam now in peace
A misty day, too
O the tears never cease
The crickets were singing
A sorrowful song
The hazy brown river
Lamented along
Now mingled with raindrops,
The young turtle's tears
A grief soft and keening
Rings on through the years


Breaths in the Sand

She walks along the shore
each soft footfall
leaving behind a sigh
in the sand.

She stands alone,
one figure poised in elegance
framed against the sunset
dark hair flowing
in the salty breeze.

She hears a voice,
whispering in the crest of each wave
in the sea-foam swirling
around her feet
in the last golden ray
of sunlight
cast across the troubled water--

it cries to her,
in melodies of untold beauty
it croons to her,
in soft, soothing rhythms
Let me be heard
it whispers.

She runs back along the shore,
a song rising within
the stars a crown upon her hair
wet slender feet leaving
breaths in the sand.


*Embarrassed Blushes*

Can you believe it? Silly us.
Our birthday's two months past.
It passed us by without much fuss
The time can fly so fast.
So, happy birthday, Tlotip dear
We love you though we fail
For (plus two months) it's been one year
And still a happy tale!

And as a side note, see this post?
It's hundred-posts times two
As you can see, it is the most
Of posts that we did do.

-Del, on behalf of the other two as well.

The Song of the Sea

The sea is raising voice above the land
She sings of sunken ships, of sailors' graves
Her song within each splash upon the sand
A melody of crashing, tossing waves
The song is sometimes but a gentle lull
A whispered promise speaking of delight
It mingles with the cry of every gull
And casts its luring call throughout the night
Sometimes the song is whipped into a roar
A sound of beauty terrible to hear
The thrashing waves that pound upon the shore
The frenzied whistling wind that fills with fear
And still she calls me, longs to set me free--
I'll always love the wild and singing sea.
i wonder why the stars don't move,
and why the cities never smile,
or why the tea is never warm,
why the haze lingers long,
and the donuts are made with holes
and hearts not unlike the different
why the earth is spinning,
why the people seem to thwart,
and the flowers never grow
i wonder why the trees can't croon,
and why the businessmen wear black,
why the love of many keeps,
and the love of one keeps ceaselessly
i wonder why.


Little cows look down and smile,
munching and dreaming for a while
Dry Summer's wind hastens to come inform,
that this weather is far from lukewarm
Mr. Cow's tail is inclined to swat at the flies
Summer is under quite the sticky guise

*in dedication to our lovely new face lift. long live the cow!


The most pulchritudinous of fairy-goats
Cries out "Where you all goin' with my boat?"
She jumps across creeks to the mountain's moon
And then topples over onto Mr. Noon
He rises, indignant, and takes off his head
Too frightened to watch, I got up and fled
The rabbit starts laughing and jumps in a square
And asks, "Why say why, when you could've said where?"
I'm flyin' like a sparrow, but as the crow flies
Until I find the snake and get me lost in his eyes
You're taking all his dreams tonight and losing your mind
So prepare to have a fight against a tenth of like kind
The cliff keeps getting bigger 'cause you're holding the sea
But surely it's no wonder--deep inside you're really me.



Take my evil heart
And place it on the cross.
The man who died for me
An innocent man was he
I linger in sadness no more,
For sins I have committed
Lifted from thy guilty heart.
My savior, the son of god.

Authors note: cross-culture inspired poem



Seasons pass before my eyes
Fly through ever-changing skies
Flowers blossom, breezes blow
Grasses wither under snow

Night is day and day is night
Lightened darkness, darkened light
All is changing, all is lost
Future, past, and present, crossed

Life is spinning like a wheel
Turning, blurring, much too real
Chained in terror, forced to rhyme
Shackled, bound, I'm trapped in time.



Close your eyes
And fly...
The noise of the world,
is the melody,
Close your eyes,
do you hear the beauty?

Arise, and be free,
your wings are new yet
Worries cannot follow
Wishful moments,
Sunshine dances with you,
with a soft embrace

But the beauty is fading
Quickly the winds die
Clouds have torn apart
The young no longer
Broken wings,
and broken promises
A darker world

Though skies grey,
hope of harmony grand still,
grows day by day
Close your eyes,
wings of the greatest comforter
They wait to embrace

Rain Rant

Rain finds hidden flowers,
coaxes them gently to rise
in pale green
and glorious color.

It taps on the parched lips of the land
and slips into the thirsty earth,
soaking through the dry ground.

It chatters into rivers, streams,
swelling the coursing creek
and dripping out a sweet melody.

Rain settles on an upturned face,
trickling into an open mouth
with a fresh springy taste,
no trace of salt.

It tastes better than seawater
Even the acid kind.


PSSA Depression


And Elephanee,
Took their son Whip
And went out to tea
And then came along
The terrible day
A lady from PALCS
Took my papers away.


[A/N: I drew many things during my free time, and they took all my drawings away despite the fact that I wrote nothing on them. These poems were the expression of my tired and wasted mind in the last hour when all the eighth graders were waiting for the eleventh graders to finish their extra section.]


To our castles in the sky,
delirious, our fantasies fly
An illusion within an illusion,
for the gatekeeper will never let us in
Is this nothing but a dream?
almost a nightmare, it would seem
As we reside, and as we perish,
we’ll never get any closer to flourish
Yesterday roars for justice,
as Rebellion, to a rose, will kiss
The sky is apparent no more
What do we bother shouting for?
Our lungs will decay by and by,
and into the grey smog we’ll fly
Never mind the dirty dishes
or the unkempt scruffy fishes
Toil upon toil is not today
To the sea we’ll go and play

-mcfogger/patton the 4th

Near A Lake

She danced upon the rolling wind
And touched the sparkling stars
She learned my secrets from within
And listened from afar
She smiled and soared across the sea
And all who saw rejoiced...
At least that's how it seemed to me
When I first heard her voice

A Faraway Place (yes, a return to free verse!)

I step into the night,
Inhale the fresher evening air--cool, calm;
I close my eyes, and
Imagine, I'm in a place
Untouched by civilization,
Unreached, alone,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.
Imagine, it wouldn't be like this there--
Not mixed with the familiar smell of asphalt,
The traces of exhaust
The deep rumblings of machines; faint
whirring of faraway cars.
Not silence either--crickets would be singing,
Tree frogs trilling, and from time to time
A howl or hoot or bark,
And the stars twinkling almost audibly.
It's a beautiful
Shimmering Place:
I'll go there someday.
So for now, I close my eyes and
Imagine, I'm there now,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.


An ocean wide and deep flows under me
But I am upheld
An island, a paradise, waits for me
And I shall travel far to get there
And I am upheld
An eagle great on His wings is bearing me with strength unknown to me
The waves sometimes are quiet, calm
And pass beneath without a sound
Save a gentle lapping noise
And the sun in the distance rises and sets
All things are the same, and joy fills my heart
Sometimes the ocean churns in turmoil
Tempests mighty shriek and blow
The wind around me threatens to throw me into the churning water
I am terrified, and I clutch closer lest I fall into those frightening waves
And the sun never rises nor sets,
And darkness reigns over the turbulent sea
Yet joy still fills my heart
For I am upheld
He knows I need to learn His grace
He knows I need to feel the smashing waves
He loves me, and thus cannot let me forego this suffering
That brings me wisdom and joy and draws me nearer to Him
And dipping down, He lowers me gently into the ocean
Yet He glides over the water, low
And never does He let me slip from His grasp
And as the terror of the storming ocean rages
I am tempted to forget the strong One holding me, and then
I see another one like I, also upheld by the mighty eagle
And he speaks to me words of encouragement:
“The waves shall not hurt you
Shall not overwhelm you
For He is your God and will never forsake you
I, also, have tasted the waters,
Now I know
His grace will uphold me, forever, I know”
And even as the other speaks these words,
I am lifted from the tempests and trials
And looking down I am given fuller understanding
And my heart is filled with greater joy
The raging, full, terrible storm is given me by the same One
Who gives me the peaceful, calm ocean
For both show me greatly His love and His grace
And the island still waits, and He still bears me there
And I am upheld

the silence.

Listen, listen I say, listen for the song,
the song of waves o'er the sea
I can't, alas; I am no longer young,
O, the sea no longer sings for me
My days of listening are former
Take my hand and you will see
O, the sea no longer sings for me

The language of the whispering water,
torrents crashing back and forth,
gulls, for breakfast, they loudly loiter,
All is silent, all is still
The bellowing voice of the shore muted,
winds bound voiceless from shrill
O, the sea no longer sings for me

God Is On The Throne

When life comes at you, so unknown
Remember--God is on the throne
You feel as though you're hurt, alone
Remember--God is on the throne
Your dreams are broken, crushed and flown
Remember--God is on the throne
In agony you weep and moan
Remember--God is on the throne
His blood for all our sins atoned
He died to make a wretch His own
One day He's going to bring us home
What love our God to us has shown!


Raise Your Eyes Above

I wanted to know
Why does the world seem so alluring?
Why, when I look at it,
I long to immerse myself,
To drink my fill of earthly pleasures?
What is the world,
Compared to heaven,
That I should desire it?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Beauty,
My Glory
My Power
See how I spoke the light into being
See how I made man from the dust of the ground
Look on my Creation--
But Look on Me.
Then why, oh why,
Do I care for the creation--
So much more than the Creator?
Why, when I gaze on your power,
I am frightened only,
And simply seek to hide myself?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Mercy,
My Grace
My Love
See how I sacrificed my Son for your sins
See how I raised Him up from the dead
Look on the Cross--
And Look on Me.
I wanted to know
Why, oh my Father, do you love me so?
Why, when I am but a rebel astray,
Not loving you as I ought,
A reckless child who ran away?
What praise may I give you,
That is praise enough
For all that you have done?
And what can I do?


When I saw them, filthy, ragged
Grieved despairing in their eyes
Did I seek to bring them hope,
Or did I fool myself with lies?
Did I realize their sorrow,
Seek to bring a bright tomorrow?
No, I turned away, recoiling
Closed my eyes in blank neglect
Never did it cross my mind
That they might, too, deserve respect

When I heard their foreign speaking
Smooth and measured, harsh and fast
Did I seek to bridge the gap,
Or let the chasm grow more vast?
Did I try to understand
To help them in this distant land?
No, I turned away, bewildered
Closed my eyes and closed my ears
Filled my mind with other thoughts
Blind and deaf unto their fears

When I saw them, heard them there
People too, but set apart
Did I seek myself in them,
Or keep away and close my heart?
Did I aim to bring them near,
To wipe away their every tear?
No, I turned away, unwilling
Closed my eyes and would not see
Told myself they were not real
How could they be? They're not like me.


I closed my eyes and the picture came
It came unasked for, almost unnoticed
It came and
I thought I saw a massive lump
A bubbling, frothing hideousness
Gurgling its black disgusting brew
Sending forth vile fumes of greenish tint
And even as I watched,
It boiled again
And moved
And then I saw a helpless boy
Not quite a child but not a man
He stood there, unsure,
Looking from right to left
And to his other side there was
Another mass, except here pure
A shining white, so unblemished
It hurt my fallen eyes with beauty
It seemed it was white, but 'round it
Flowed a river of crimson blood
That did not stain the white, but rather
Lifted it higher and kept it so pure
Yet to the boy, the view was distorted
To him the view was sadly switched
The hideous, bubbling green-black mass
To him was rainbow colored, and called
Alluringly, and promised pleasure
The pure white, beauteous tower
To him was stained with yellow, tinted
As the pages of an ancient book, and croaked
A call of boring duty, and crumbled pitifully
And he scorned the pure and embraced the gross
Plunged headlong into the foul pile
And there he happily spent awhile
Not realizing the filth that clung to him
To his deceived eyes it was contentedness that covered him
But suddenly, his eyes were changed
Opened, then, and he saw his sad plight
He was now a man, and thought himself ruined
And he wept as he sat hopelessly in the mass of filth
But a clear wind penetrated his foul world
It flowed through his being and he remembered
He remembered the stained and yellow heap of his boyhood
And through his opened eyes he saw it in its reality
And thus the wind grew stronger and pushed him to his feet
And he doubtfully stood, for he thought
That no one so filthy and ragged as he could be in that holy place
But as he prepared to step from the pile of empty revelry
He found it had chained him, and he could not get out
And he cried out for help and it was then
He perceived a hand stretched out to his aid
A shining pure hand, and he loathed to soil it with his own
And even as he withdrew, the hand grasped him with a gentle strength
And pulled him free from his putrid prison
But he looked on the figure whom the hand belonged to with dismay,
For it was as pure and white as the tower had been
And he knew he was revoltingly begrimed, and could not go there
But the figure had never let go of his hand, and it led him now
To the crimson river flowing 'round the tower
And there he was removed of his loathsome garments
And those were washed in the river to the same shining white
And he himself was bathed in the river, and came out clean
Cleaner than he could ever imagine
And the figure that had freed him and washed him
Now embraced him and called him His own
And the man fell to his knees with joy
And praised the One who saved him
And was a child of God
And I rejoiced with him










Orthodontic Love

('tis for a story I may or may not be writing)

Her orthodontic headgear glint,

as the soft sunlight gleamed perfectly

And her eyes shown with splendor

The metal framed her face just so

She glanced my way,

And bobbed her head kindly

Her perfectly braced teeth,

adorned with bands of pale pink,

smiled ever so gently

-McFogger (=ellie)
(A silly kind of thing. Meant to be taken lightly. I've had braces for rounded to a year...or was it two? My brother had headgear. Just silly and rather fun to write)

Outdated & Overrated

Flakes of perfect white cover the ground
As whiter still clouds float idly in the sky
The trees stand gracefully adorned and ornamented
Your breath forms grand puffs in the brisk air
The screams of jubilant children resound o’er the hill



Do you remember?
The days resound much gaiety
Before the pain,
before Vanity’s toil
Can you hear it now?
Laughter from the You of old
Before the restrain of condemnation
Before the salt water torrent
Have you forgotten the feeling?
The feeling of contentment, warmth, peace
Now replaced by the cold sensations
Sensations of status, numbness, and uncertainty
Feebly armed with a slandering tongue,
And equipped with a worldly mind
A starving soul and a lost heart
Desperate in a land of illusions


Oh, Looky! Haiku!

(Dubbed: Fingerpainting*)

Wet and colorful,
your fingers slosh back and forth
Plain paper transformed

*for lack of a more apt title that did not require more words than the haiku itself. Psst, this is McFogger.

Haiku Dump II (with slightly outdated subject matter)

Snowflakes falling fast
I try catching on my tongue
It blankets the ground

The frosty wind whirls
Around and around it spins
A pure white blizzard

A cozy fireplace
Warm and snug--it's cold outside
Fluffy fuzzy socks

I like hot cocoa
*Gulp* and it warms everything
Yummy marshmallows

Oh, my poor Lamby
She is dirty and scrawny
I won't throw her out!

The Jungle is gross
Sad and depressing too, but
Socialism saves!!

My heart is so cold
The sorrow, it scathes and burns
Buried under ice.

A mountain rises
Flowing lava, a river
of red...volcano.


Outside the wind is howling
Outside the trees are flailing
Outside is devastation,
Outside the rain is pounding
Outside is the terror

Authors note: outside is very bad, I'm scared that the big tree will fall on our house. I just had to let it all out.

Open to Interpretation

I walked alone along the shore
And took a seashell from the sand
I came across a splintered oar
And held its fragments in my hand
I stood beneath a towering tree
And caught a stray leaf floating by
I saw an eagle soaring free
And watched it wing across the sky
I rose and found a choking stream
And cleared the way to let it flow
I spun a glorious rainbow dream
And glimpsed a kingdom without woe
I faltered, fled into the night
And cried aloud to worlds unknown
I lay below a mountain's light
And there, at last, received my stone

Glass Half-Empty?

The glass, it seemed half-full to me
Just yesterday--I'm sure!
I filled it halfway in the sea
With water (bright blue and azure)
But now this morning, something's wrong
I swear, the water's half-gone
It must have been so, all along...
So I dumped it out on the lawn.
Gently twisting locks of golden brown
Three groups nice and neat
Down her back the plait secured
Apt to any eyes that meet
Proper for a girl of nine
Free of hassle she can run
And catch a breath at ease and fine

Inspired by Doctor Alec’s views on a 'fashionable society' and its tolls/effects+affects (Doctor Alec being character from Louisa May Alcott’s
Eight Cousins)

Lost No More

The way is cold and lost,
Wind daunts like a bitter frost,
Death hisses in your ear,
Rudely awakening the slumber of Fear,
"Come to me... your days are done!"
All but sorrow has vanished and gone
Rising quickly comes despair,
Your very mind and soul to tear
What is life now but a mist?
A shadow, yet so merciless
Your eyes cannot see for the dark
Upon your head there's a cursed mark
...Suddenly, a burst of light!
Burning clear into the night
Illuminates a mighty Hand
Stretched out to pull you from the sand
All through you Joy breathes precious breath,
Free from the tyranny of Death!
Your Father sweeps you up in His arms,
He'll keep you from that worst of harms
A gentle breeze is blowing fair,
To wipe out every trace of despair
The cursed mark has been erased,
Now in God's heaven take your place!
A meaning comes to life once more,
On eagle's wings you'll soar.

[A/N--First four lines written by Ellie; her own version of this poem coming soon. I hope.]