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Today I went To the
To the
Emergency Room
My Ankle felt
They wheelchair'd
Me Into the
X-Ray Room
And Positioned
My Foot
(Oh How it Hurt)
To take
Then, Looking
At one
They Discovered
The Crack
And hurried
To give me A
Splint (To
Allow for
Further Swelling)
They Issued
Me Crutches
And Here
I Am
Swinging myself

To all who CAN


Who did you see?

Who did you see?
I'll tell you if you tell me

A Wedding Day Today

'tis a wedding day t'day

'tis a beautiful day t'day

'tis a day for union and marriage

'tis a day for happiness and love

the sun is shinin'

the birds are singin'

'tis a wonderful day t'day

(teehee, going to a wedding x])

Stink Bugs Have Invaded

The stink bugs have invaded,

We’ve given up,
They’ve won.

With every one flushed down the toilet,

Six more will appear

We've found them in our beds,

We’ve found them un-feared

We've found them in our hair,

We’ve found them on our food,

But for them we don't give a care.

It's time we've ridded of them for good

But the stink bugs have invaded, and the stink bugs have won

(True story...sadly...)


So today we can see
That the sky is still gray
But the forecast has said
"That's not all for today!"
"There'll be quite some sun,
And of course clouds to boot,
But at six there'll be thunderstorms!
Now that's quite a brute!"



Today is a day
Where the sun is away
When we're stuck inside
Doing school
But the work can't be stopped
And by now we've all dropped
(If I could,
I would SO break the rules)

And go to a pool...



The winds have died
the air is wet
overcast clouds linger in the sky,
as the sun tries to break through
nothing much to say,
about such a dreary day such as this