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I Am

Every day I call the dawn,
The sun, to run its course
I'll stay till all the Earth is gone
For I remain, the Source
I blow the wind to fill your sails
I guide the river's flow
I whip the ocean's mighty gales,
And craft each drop of snow
I tell each lightning bolt its path
I speak through thunder's voice
I rule the lion's mighty wrath
And make the rains rejoice
I paint the rainbow's radiant glow,
I give the flow'rs their hue
I draw the tide from high to low
And garb the grass with dew
I bring the oak tree from its seed
I build the mountain's crest
I care for every sparrow's need
And grant the eagle rest
And every night I close your eyes
I watch you while you dream
To bring you safe to morning skies
Into My daylight's gleam

Weeping Turtle

Beside flowing water
A lonely mist crept
As rain trickled downwards
The young turtle wept
Remembering Mother
Who swam now in peace
A misty day, too
O the tears never cease
The crickets were singing
A sorrowful song
The hazy brown river
Lamented along
Now mingled with raindrops,
The young turtle's tears
A grief soft and keening
Rings on through the years


Breaths in the Sand

She walks along the shore
each soft footfall
leaving behind a sigh
in the sand.

She stands alone,
one figure poised in elegance
framed against the sunset
dark hair flowing
in the salty breeze.

She hears a voice,
whispering in the crest of each wave
in the sea-foam swirling
around her feet
in the last golden ray
of sunlight
cast across the troubled water--

it cries to her,
in melodies of untold beauty
it croons to her,
in soft, soothing rhythms
Let me be heard
it whispers.

She runs back along the shore,
a song rising within
the stars a crown upon her hair
wet slender feet leaving
breaths in the sand.


*Embarrassed Blushes*

Can you believe it? Silly us.
Our birthday's two months past.
It passed us by without much fuss
The time can fly so fast.
So, happy birthday, Tlotip dear
We love you though we fail
For (plus two months) it's been one year
And still a happy tale!

And as a side note, see this post?
It's hundred-posts times two
As you can see, it is the most
Of posts that we did do.

-Del, on behalf of the other two as well.