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Raise Your Eyes Above

I wanted to know
Why does the world seem so alluring?
Why, when I look at it,
I long to immerse myself,
To drink my fill of earthly pleasures?
What is the world,
Compared to heaven,
That I should desire it?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Beauty,
My Glory
My Power
See how I spoke the light into being
See how I made man from the dust of the ground
Look on my Creation--
But Look on Me.
Then why, oh why,
Do I care for the creation--
So much more than the Creator?
Why, when I gaze on your power,
I am frightened only,
And simply seek to hide myself?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Mercy,
My Grace
My Love
See how I sacrificed my Son for your sins
See how I raised Him up from the dead
Look on the Cross--
And Look on Me.
I wanted to know
Why, oh my Father, do you love me so?
Why, when I am but a rebel astray,
Not loving you as I ought,
A reckless child who ran away?
What praise may I give you,
That is praise enough
For all that you have done?
And what can I do?


When I saw them, filthy, ragged
Grieved despairing in their eyes
Did I seek to bring them hope,
Or did I fool myself with lies?
Did I realize their sorrow,
Seek to bring a bright tomorrow?
No, I turned away, recoiling
Closed my eyes in blank neglect
Never did it cross my mind
That they might, too, deserve respect

When I heard their foreign speaking
Smooth and measured, harsh and fast
Did I seek to bridge the gap,
Or let the chasm grow more vast?
Did I try to understand
To help them in this distant land?
No, I turned away, bewildered
Closed my eyes and closed my ears
Filled my mind with other thoughts
Blind and deaf unto their fears

When I saw them, heard them there
People too, but set apart
Did I seek myself in them,
Or keep away and close my heart?
Did I aim to bring them near,
To wipe away their every tear?
No, I turned away, unwilling
Closed my eyes and would not see
Told myself they were not real
How could they be? They're not like me.


I closed my eyes and the picture came
It came unasked for, almost unnoticed
It came and
I thought I saw a massive lump
A bubbling, frothing hideousness
Gurgling its black disgusting brew
Sending forth vile fumes of greenish tint
And even as I watched,
It boiled again
And moved
And then I saw a helpless boy
Not quite a child but not a man
He stood there, unsure,
Looking from right to left
And to his other side there was
Another mass, except here pure
A shining white, so unblemished
It hurt my fallen eyes with beauty
It seemed it was white, but 'round it
Flowed a river of crimson blood
That did not stain the white, but rather
Lifted it higher and kept it so pure
Yet to the boy, the view was distorted
To him the view was sadly switched
The hideous, bubbling green-black mass
To him was rainbow colored, and called
Alluringly, and promised pleasure
The pure white, beauteous tower
To him was stained with yellow, tinted
As the pages of an ancient book, and croaked
A call of boring duty, and crumbled pitifully
And he scorned the pure and embraced the gross
Plunged headlong into the foul pile
And there he happily spent awhile
Not realizing the filth that clung to him
To his deceived eyes it was contentedness that covered him
But suddenly, his eyes were changed
Opened, then, and he saw his sad plight
He was now a man, and thought himself ruined
And he wept as he sat hopelessly in the mass of filth
But a clear wind penetrated his foul world
It flowed through his being and he remembered
He remembered the stained and yellow heap of his boyhood
And through his opened eyes he saw it in its reality
And thus the wind grew stronger and pushed him to his feet
And he doubtfully stood, for he thought
That no one so filthy and ragged as he could be in that holy place
But as he prepared to step from the pile of empty revelry
He found it had chained him, and he could not get out
And he cried out for help and it was then
He perceived a hand stretched out to his aid
A shining pure hand, and he loathed to soil it with his own
And even as he withdrew, the hand grasped him with a gentle strength
And pulled him free from his putrid prison
But he looked on the figure whom the hand belonged to with dismay,
For it was as pure and white as the tower had been
And he knew he was revoltingly begrimed, and could not go there
But the figure had never let go of his hand, and it led him now
To the crimson river flowing 'round the tower
And there he was removed of his loathsome garments
And those were washed in the river to the same shining white
And he himself was bathed in the river, and came out clean
Cleaner than he could ever imagine
And the figure that had freed him and washed him
Now embraced him and called him His own
And the man fell to his knees with joy
And praised the One who saved him
And was a child of God
And I rejoiced with him










Orthodontic Love

('tis for a story I may or may not be writing)

Her orthodontic headgear glint,

as the soft sunlight gleamed perfectly

And her eyes shown with splendor

The metal framed her face just so

She glanced my way,

And bobbed her head kindly

Her perfectly braced teeth,

adorned with bands of pale pink,

smiled ever so gently

-McFogger (=ellie)
(A silly kind of thing. Meant to be taken lightly. I've had braces for rounded to a year...or was it two? My brother had headgear. Just silly and rather fun to write)

Outdated & Overrated

Flakes of perfect white cover the ground
As whiter still clouds float idly in the sky
The trees stand gracefully adorned and ornamented
Your breath forms grand puffs in the brisk air
The screams of jubilant children resound o’er the hill



Do you remember?
The days resound much gaiety
Before the pain,
before Vanity’s toil
Can you hear it now?
Laughter from the You of old
Before the restrain of condemnation
Before the salt water torrent
Have you forgotten the feeling?
The feeling of contentment, warmth, peace
Now replaced by the cold sensations
Sensations of status, numbness, and uncertainty
Feebly armed with a slandering tongue,
And equipped with a worldly mind
A starving soul and a lost heart
Desperate in a land of illusions


Oh, Looky! Haiku!

(Dubbed: Fingerpainting*)

Wet and colorful,
your fingers slosh back and forth
Plain paper transformed

*for lack of a more apt title that did not require more words than the haiku itself. Psst, this is McFogger.

Haiku Dump II (with slightly outdated subject matter)

Snowflakes falling fast
I try catching on my tongue
It blankets the ground

The frosty wind whirls
Around and around it spins
A pure white blizzard

A cozy fireplace
Warm and snug--it's cold outside
Fluffy fuzzy socks

I like hot cocoa
*Gulp* and it warms everything
Yummy marshmallows

Oh, my poor Lamby
She is dirty and scrawny
I won't throw her out!

The Jungle is gross
Sad and depressing too, but
Socialism saves!!

My heart is so cold
The sorrow, it scathes and burns
Buried under ice.

A mountain rises
Flowing lava, a river
of red...volcano.


Outside the wind is howling
Outside the trees are flailing
Outside is devastation,
Outside the rain is pounding
Outside is the terror

Authors note: outside is very bad, I'm scared that the big tree will fall on our house. I just had to let it all out.

Open to Interpretation

I walked alone along the shore
And took a seashell from the sand
I came across a splintered oar
And held its fragments in my hand
I stood beneath a towering tree
And caught a stray leaf floating by
I saw an eagle soaring free
And watched it wing across the sky
I rose and found a choking stream
And cleared the way to let it flow
I spun a glorious rainbow dream
And glimpsed a kingdom without woe
I faltered, fled into the night
And cried aloud to worlds unknown
I lay below a mountain's light
And there, at last, received my stone

Glass Half-Empty?

The glass, it seemed half-full to me
Just yesterday--I'm sure!
I filled it halfway in the sea
With water (bright blue and azure)
But now this morning, something's wrong
I swear, the water's half-gone
It must have been so, all along...
So I dumped it out on the lawn.
Gently twisting locks of golden brown
Three groups nice and neat
Down her back the plait secured
Apt to any eyes that meet
Proper for a girl of nine
Free of hassle she can run
And catch a breath at ease and fine

Inspired by Doctor Alec’s views on a 'fashionable society' and its tolls/effects+affects (Doctor Alec being character from Louisa May Alcott’s
Eight Cousins)

Lost No More

The way is cold and lost,
Wind daunts like a bitter frost,
Death hisses in your ear,
Rudely awakening the slumber of Fear,
"Come to me... your days are done!"
All but sorrow has vanished and gone
Rising quickly comes despair,
Your very mind and soul to tear
What is life now but a mist?
A shadow, yet so merciless
Your eyes cannot see for the dark
Upon your head there's a cursed mark
...Suddenly, a burst of light!
Burning clear into the night
Illuminates a mighty Hand
Stretched out to pull you from the sand
All through you Joy breathes precious breath,
Free from the tyranny of Death!
Your Father sweeps you up in His arms,
He'll keep you from that worst of harms
A gentle breeze is blowing fair,
To wipe out every trace of despair
The cursed mark has been erased,
Now in God's heaven take your place!
A meaning comes to life once more,
On eagle's wings you'll soar.

[A/N--First four lines written by Ellie; her own version of this poem coming soon. I hope.]