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The most pulchritudinous of fairy-goats
Cries out "Where you all goin' with my boat?"
She jumps across creeks to the mountain's moon
And then topples over onto Mr. Noon
He rises, indignant, and takes off his head
Too frightened to watch, I got up and fled
The rabbit starts laughing and jumps in a square
And asks, "Why say why, when you could've said where?"
I'm flyin' like a sparrow, but as the crow flies
Until I find the snake and get me lost in his eyes
You're taking all his dreams tonight and losing your mind
So prepare to have a fight against a tenth of like kind
The cliff keeps getting bigger 'cause you're holding the sea
But surely it's no wonder--deep inside you're really me.



Take my evil heart
And place it on the cross.
The man who died for me
An innocent man was he
I linger in sadness no more,
For sins I have committed
Lifted from thy guilty heart.
My savior, the son of god.

Authors note: cross-culture inspired poem



Seasons pass before my eyes
Fly through ever-changing skies
Flowers blossom, breezes blow
Grasses wither under snow

Night is day and day is night
Lightened darkness, darkened light
All is changing, all is lost
Future, past, and present, crossed

Life is spinning like a wheel
Turning, blurring, much too real
Chained in terror, forced to rhyme
Shackled, bound, I'm trapped in time.



Close your eyes
And fly...
The noise of the world,
is the melody,
Close your eyes,
do you hear the beauty?

Arise, and be free,
your wings are new yet
Worries cannot follow
Wishful moments,
Sunshine dances with you,
with a soft embrace

But the beauty is fading
Quickly the winds die
Clouds have torn apart
The young no longer
Broken wings,
and broken promises
A darker world

Though skies grey,
hope of harmony grand still,
grows day by day
Close your eyes,
wings of the greatest comforter
They wait to embrace

Rain Rant

Rain finds hidden flowers,
coaxes them gently to rise
in pale green
and glorious color.

It taps on the parched lips of the land
and slips into the thirsty earth,
soaking through the dry ground.

It chatters into rivers, streams,
swelling the coursing creek
and dripping out a sweet melody.

Rain settles on an upturned face,
trickling into an open mouth
with a fresh springy taste,
no trace of salt.

It tastes better than seawater
Even the acid kind.