haiku iii

past the hazy dusk 
in a borrowed world of doubt, 
oceanic hope



Sniffling and Sneezing
Sore throat, Red nose, Coughing lots
Cold Season has Come


(Authors Note: The sniffles and the sneezing has started to plague my life... Zyrtec to the rescue!)

as the weather cools

I can feel
fall, settling in my bones.
I'm aching to dance
the cold wind's waltz
tripping, skipping with the leaves
I'm longing to fly
the swallow's well-worn path
streaking over flaming trees
and sing
the cricket's last song
under the gentle rain.
At the end of the day,
the fading sunlight illuminates your face,
and here we find
fall, settling in our bones.


Old Habit

Rough between
my fingers--

intended to
absorb, but
comforts me enough
to sleep.