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PSSA Depression


And Elephanee,
Took their son Whip
And went out to tea
And then came along
The terrible day
A lady from PALCS
Took my papers away.


[A/N: I drew many things during my free time, and they took all my drawings away despite the fact that I wrote nothing on them. These poems were the expression of my tired and wasted mind in the last hour when all the eighth graders were waiting for the eleventh graders to finish their extra section.]


To our castles in the sky,
delirious, our fantasies fly
An illusion within an illusion,
for the gatekeeper will never let us in
Is this nothing but a dream?
almost a nightmare, it would seem
As we reside, and as we perish,
we’ll never get any closer to flourish
Yesterday roars for justice,
as Rebellion, to a rose, will kiss
The sky is apparent no more
What do we bother shouting for?
Our lungs will decay by and by,
and into the grey smog we’ll fly
Never mind the dirty dishes
or the unkempt scruffy fishes
Toil upon toil is not today
To the sea we’ll go and play

-mcfogger/patton the 4th

Near A Lake

She danced upon the rolling wind
And touched the sparkling stars
She learned my secrets from within
And listened from afar
She smiled and soared across the sea
And all who saw rejoiced...
At least that's how it seemed to me
When I first heard her voice

Deception II

Teacher told me lies
I wrote a book full of them
Now everyone knows

Note: Inspired by the book entitled Lies My History Teacher Told Me or something to that effect.

A Faraway Place (yes, a return to free verse!)

I step into the night,
Inhale the fresher evening air--cool, calm;
I close my eyes, and
Imagine, I'm in a place
Untouched by civilization,
Unreached, alone,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.
Imagine, it wouldn't be like this there--
Not mixed with the familiar smell of asphalt,
The traces of exhaust
The deep rumblings of machines; faint
whirring of faraway cars.
Not silence either--crickets would be singing,
Tree frogs trilling, and from time to time
A howl or hoot or bark,
And the stars twinkling almost audibly.
It's a beautiful
Shimmering Place:
I'll go there someday.
So for now, I close my eyes and
Imagine, I'm there now,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.


An ocean wide and deep flows under me
But I am upheld
An island, a paradise, waits for me
And I shall travel far to get there
And I am upheld
An eagle great on His wings is bearing me with strength unknown to me
The waves sometimes are quiet, calm
And pass beneath without a sound
Save a gentle lapping noise
And the sun in the distance rises and sets
All things are the same, and joy fills my heart
Sometimes the ocean churns in turmoil
Tempests mighty shriek and blow
The wind around me threatens to throw me into the churning water
I am terrified, and I clutch closer lest I fall into those frightening waves
And the sun never rises nor sets,
And darkness reigns over the turbulent sea
Yet joy still fills my heart
For I am upheld
He knows I need to learn His grace
He knows I need to feel the smashing waves
He loves me, and thus cannot let me forego this suffering
That brings me wisdom and joy and draws me nearer to Him
And dipping down, He lowers me gently into the ocean
Yet He glides over the water, low
And never does He let me slip from His grasp
And as the terror of the storming ocean rages
I am tempted to forget the strong One holding me, and then
I see another one like I, also upheld by the mighty eagle
And he speaks to me words of encouragement:
“The waves shall not hurt you
Shall not overwhelm you
For He is your God and will never forsake you
I, also, have tasted the waters,
Now I know
His grace will uphold me, forever, I know”
And even as the other speaks these words,
I am lifted from the tempests and trials
And looking down I am given fuller understanding
And my heart is filled with greater joy
The raging, full, terrible storm is given me by the same One
Who gives me the peaceful, calm ocean
For both show me greatly His love and His grace
And the island still waits, and He still bears me there
And I am upheld

the silence.

Listen, listen I say, listen for the song,
the song of waves o'er the sea
I can't, alas; I am no longer young,
O, the sea no longer sings for me
My days of listening are former
Take my hand and you will see
O, the sea no longer sings for me

The language of the whispering water,
torrents crashing back and forth,
gulls, for breakfast, they loudly loiter,
All is silent, all is still
The bellowing voice of the shore muted,
winds bound voiceless from shrill
O, the sea no longer sings for me

God Is On The Throne

When life comes at you, so unknown
Remember--God is on the throne
You feel as though you're hurt, alone
Remember--God is on the throne
Your dreams are broken, crushed and flown
Remember--God is on the throne
In agony you weep and moan
Remember--God is on the throne
His blood for all our sins atoned
He died to make a wretch His own
One day He's going to bring us home
What love our God to us has shown!