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When I move, I fly. I think it’s easier than walking
Electrons tell me stories ‘cause I listen when they’re talking
I like building monasteries--look, the ghosts are coming!
Everywhere I go, it seems the ground is always humming
I think it’s just the Under-People hacking to the top-ground
But I don’t really care ‘cause that’s a less important sound
Than the telepathic aliens who tell me what to do
They’re nice and never fail to show me how to find a clue
And though they think my eyes should be a little bit more red
I can’t decide between them, or the Monkey, when I’m dead
I think that turkeys hate me and that’s why they are so ugly
They always eat my tongue and then they stalk off oh-so-smugly

I bet you think I’m weird just ‘cause I’m special, can’t you see?
It irks me when you call this gift of mine "insanity".



A man once walked the outcast roads
His body crumbling to the dust
"Unclean! Unclean!" his mournful cry
And all would pass by with disgust

He saw his life as living death
And long stopped drawing hopeful breath...

Until he heard of miracles
One Jesus who would roam the lands
A carpenter from Nazareth
A man (or God?) with healing hands

The leper formed a daring plan,
Ignored his pain, stood up, and ran.

He knelt down at the teacher's feet
"I know that you can make me clean,
But only if you will," he said,
And wondered if he would be seen

The moment froze and time stood still--
The rabbi touched him, said "I will".

He marveled at the rabbi's pity
Gasped to feel the touch, and then
His ailment fell like cast-off scales
His skin grew strong and smooth again.

And so was I a leprous soul
He touched me too, and now I'm whole.