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I Can Still Remember

I Can Still Remember
When the stove had no problems
When the burners were stationary
And the heat was consistent
I Can Still Remember
When the shower-heads didn't threaten to fall on you
When the water was always pleasantly warm
And the pipes didn't produce a high shrieking sound
I Can Still Remember
When the basement didn't contain such a large population of spiders
When the cobwebs and clutter and dust were few
And the carpet wasn't infested with centipedes
I Can Still Remember
When the front door opened easily
When it didn't require such a force to wrench it open
And the knob actually worked

I Can Still Remember
When the house wasn't falling apart

Directed to a certain member of this prestigious blog

With every new dawn that comes,
she shrinks further into the shadows
Yes of course, we must give her credit for something,
and not say she has casted off completely,
for she shows her face now and again
Let us not forget the, scarce, but wholesome words of her's
But still, we wish she would come around more often
Why should she not?
Without her, our lonely three is a mere two
So, come post some more, Mia!
We miss your words of wisdom,
All of us here quite happen to miss your witty weather poems
(that don't depress..sigh..)
And Willy Wonka bits,
so for goodness sake, why don't you start posting again?


Cold remains of dried up acorns scatter the sidewalk's floor,
as we march home through drizzling showers
Large well kept house, after house we pass
The smell of wet earth do our insides good

The Dream

I dreamt a wonderful dream last night,
A dream so vivid, it almost was real
I stood in a huge and beautiful field
And screeched out a cry as down did I kneel
This call would summon my means of flight

A griffin, so wild, so untamed and free
Swiftly it sped its way down to my feet
Its feathers and fur both silky to touch
As I climbed on its back and held onto this seat
The griffin turned back and then spoke to me

"My master," he said, "We now go to fly,
We'll fly from this place and the people around,"
(At the moment some people came into the field)
"These people would tie you and keep you to ground
They want you to stay, but to stay is to die."

We launched off to air while the people did run,
They grabbed at my legs--endeavored to pull
But the griffin's wings beat them and caused them to fall
We sped up to where all the hot air turned cool
And then turned back down to escape from the sun

The thrill now of flying ran through me like fire,
The speed and the height both combined to delight
My griffin now swooped down and wheeled through the air,
I felt down beneath all his muscles and might
We'd escaped from the people--and now we flew higher

And just as thus far now the griffin had borne me,
When a beautiful castle had come into sight
(Which we doubtless had headed for and now had arrived)
My eyes then were opened by shining sunlight
The dream now had ended--and all by the sea.


As Tom waves cordially,
Billy smiles back.
And so the two begin to converse
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
(...or so we think...)

Physical Therapy

"Turn your ankle here"
"Good! Now turn your ankle there"
"Ah. Time for ice"

"Ok. No Jumping!"
"No Running! Swimming is fine..."
"Um. Walking is great."

"Now when you're at home,"
"Do all these exercises"
"And come back next week!"

Two unhealthy soultions to hunger.

Pringles: Yummy Yum.
Sour Cream and Onion, so good
Great Taste, bad for you

Snyder's pretzel bits
Honey, Mustard, and Onion
the love of my life: always

(PS: I'm starting to realize I like products with "onion'' in their name more than I ever noticed before...hmmm....)


If you look here and see,
I haven't posted in quite some while.
Sad the fate, but true
I do hope you don't think I'm that vile
But here it is, and here it shall remain,
'Dull as powder' and slightly rhyming,
Is it's sad refrain


Happy 4th Of July

Today is the day of a birth date,
of the United States of America dear.
So we're getting ready to eat, (even though I just ate)
We'll put up decorations,
and sing the Nation's anthem loud and clear.
Fireworks will fill the sky,
as kids scream in fear
Get togethers, parties, and more!

Happy Birthday Mia

A most beloved fellow author
Today reaches the age of eleven
She's witty and smart and small for her age
(If you see her you'd guess she'd be seven)

Despite her small size, though,
I think she'll be great
I'm sure she'll succeed
(And by then she'll look eight)

Her friends all agree
Although she acts ghetto,
Yes, Mia is awesome
She's very much so