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Collaboration for a Celebration!

We started one boring May Wednesday night,
With a haiku or two and warm welcome

We invited a reader or two, or three,

And soon our beautiful tri-blog blossomed,
As we gained follower after follower,
Till we had six of those lovers of poetry,
The Lives of Three in Poetry is thankful


Your witty comments,
"Teehee's", "Sweet's", and even your "umm's" and "eww's",
We are grateful for
We've come this far

In the life of our small blog
100 posts,

And 100 plus poems!

Haikus, free verse, traditional,
And even more,
So grab your party hats

And let the jubilee begin!

So as we close
These stanzas three,
We thank you all
For being with us

We have come a long way

And we thank you!


the pitter patter of the rain
fallin' on the umbrella
beautiful sound of the
falling drops dancing
on the puddles
oh how lovely is the rain?

Authors note: rain is awesome without thunda!

Free Verse.

chained to my sins
temptations everywhere
evils are lurking behind,
every corner
always searching
But never truly finding
searching for hope
hope for life
Searching for a reason,
a reason to live
Searching for the answer,
to the question,
why even live at all?
finding the light
The infinite light,
full of everything good and Holy.
Finding Him
learning His ways,
His Teachings,
Living under His provision,
peace of mind,
living under His,


You see them twinkling
You see them sparkling
Through the misty atmosphere
But tell me,
Have you ever heard the stars,
Listened to their wondrous song,
Clear and crystal, a shining sound?
Tell me,
Have you ever touched the stars,
Felt their scorching, cooling surface,
Hard yet soft and gentle?
You can always see the stars
But you've never lived,
Until you've heard
And touched
The stars


He still stands in the shadows,
She's in the open moonlight,
He wonders why
She wonders why
He hesitates
And then, suddenly
He knows he loves her,
He steps into the moonlight
He kneels
She gasps
He stands up and hugs her
And she hugs him back.

Six months later,
He stands at the altar,
She's still outside the sanctuary,
She wonders why,
He wonders why,
She hesitates,
And then, suddenly,
She knows again she loves him,
She steps into the aisle
She says "I do"
He says "I do"
They look into each others' eyes
And never, ever after that
Forget when they hesitated,
And then knew,
That they loved each other.


freed from the cages of sin,
from the fetter of past daunting secrets,
from the dim glow of evil,
within your very soul
Free to live,
free to be,
free to worship,
and glorify.

Truthful Deceptions

Once upon a fresh dreary autumn dark,
I dreamed a dream beyond the night,
a dream so new and strange,
it still gives me quite a fright

Twas such a dream filled with truthful deception,
just enough to make you want to continue the delusion.
But things hastily turn to confusion and sorrow from such relaxation

Icy cold sweat floods your body as your teeth glaringly grind in the night,
everything within your every being has change, there is no solution
Your muscles tighten as your heart goes a-flight,
you can feel it coming over you,
as if it were a great pollution.
Your heart is beating with such rapid pace,
the rest of your being can hardly keep up.
The fear rises upon your horror-stricken face…

But then with the speed of a second,
the insanity is over.
You find yourself awake,
reality begins to surrounds you,
but still your body can do nothing but shake

The voices you heard,
the stomping,
the quarrels,
the shirking,
everything you felt,
all that you thought you knew,
and all that you had yet to,
all were but only a dream.
Only a mere dream


This very frightful day,
I went in and sat down upon a very high chair,
and got my hair cut.
The snipping of the metal sheers,
the small talk of the dresser,
and the taste of the cherry lollipop,
all part of the intriguing experience
Only but 3 inches were gone,
but I still miss my hair.

The end.

Food On The Brain

Chocolate and cream
smushed together to form,
a choice cookie
The perfect drink,
Creamy, cold, and refreshing
Goes great with cookies

Authors Note:
This is my first time doing an 'author's note'...
but i just thought i'd inform you
(the readers)
that i'm hungry.


Homework is a strange thing
It's work you do at home
And turn in again the next day
And then they tell you whether
It's good
Or bad

But the question is,
When you're homeschooled
What is homework?
Is it your schoolwork,
Or is it the supplements
After dinner?
What is homework when you're homeschooled?


Sir Princess Bubbles, Ma’am,
high and mighty is your throne.
Ruling above like none before,
your kingdom reigns from pond to shining pond

Autumn (I prefer the name to Fall)

Autumn is
A crisp, a clear
A scent of
Apples and cider and leaves and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A shiver, a shudder,
A feeling of
Autumn rain and cold and warmth and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A taste, a smell,
A dinner of
A turkey and stuffing and cranberries and
Autumn itself

Autumn is
A sight, a tree,
A beautiful forest
A burst of sudden colored foliage and falling leaves and
Autumn itself

Autumn is



One day while at church, I was talking a bit

To Meagan Smith and Rachel Gemmell

About spiders and other such frightening things

When Meagan did something that really rang a bell

Now it's known that if something is very disgusting,

But given a name, it no longer seems so

So Meagan just went and found us a spider

And we named the thing Freddy, right on the go

So this Sunday, I went to look at the spot

Where Freddy had been weeks before....

Needless to say I laughed quite a lot...

While all those who were passing rightly did stare--

For you see, my dear readers: Freddy's still there!

The grand oak tree

The grand oak tree,
How majestic it stands
It towers over all others
In the heart of the forest it lies.
The wind, through its branches.
The wind through its leaves
The wind toils the tree
Yet, the grand oak tree--
Still stands as majestic as can be
Authors note: i was gonna write about food, but than i got inspiration. :P

Random Cinquains

First a green bud
Then petals open wide
Beautiful color, here, a rare

The moon
Calm and quiet
Clouds cover its brightness
Now, the moon breaks through the cover

Joyful bubbling
Next moment loud roaring
Then the water calms and is soft