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Testimony Poem

Let me tell you of my story
Let me tell you of His grace
How He saved a rebel running
Running down a hell-bound race

I was unaware of mercy
I was unaware of love
I knew only self and pleasure
Never thought of God above

Then, I learned that I'm a sinner
Learned that I'm deserved of wrath
Learned that God was righteous, holy
Learned I walked on the wrong path

What to do, then, what to do?
Was I truly bound for hell?
Had I any hope of heav'n?
When I'd found someone who'd tell--

Nothing, I was shocked to hear,
All already had been done
Jesus bore that wrath for me
He, the Father's only Son!

'Cause of Him, I now can say
By His blood I've been washed clean
I'm adopted as His child
Receiving love I'd never seen

He is still my caring Father
He will never cease to be
He possesses love unmeasured
And by His grace--He saved me!

Nightmare of Gold

Every time
The dream, it comes
A nightmare borne on the wings of illness
The same one
The same nightmare, it comes
I find myself trapped, lost, stuck
In a golden expanse of a blur
Too bright
And yet, too dull
Who knew gold could be so depressing?
I'm lost, my head spinning
Churning, focusing
On everything, and nothing
Then comes the voice,
The voice that gives all despair
The voice that causes a trembling
It calls out to me
"Aha! Now you're here,
Now you're here once again
Shall we start once again?
Ha! we will start once again."
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
It speaks to me
"Try one"
Overwhelmed, suddenly
Pain, bursting throughout my head
Bursting with no control
Bursting, it hurts
Staggering pain, overwhelming
It radiates from my mouth
Too much like a seizure
I cry out for mercy
It stops--
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
The voice raises to a shout
A calm shout, infuriating calm
"Now! Try a hundred!"
Overwhelmed a hundred magnified
Bursting a hundred magnified
I can't control it
I can't bear it
I scream for mercy, but
Mercy never comes
The golden expanse, it pounds
Pounds on my eyes, on my head
The cruel voice
Keeps raising it, up and up
A thousand, two thousand, three
It goes on and on
I remember it
Yet I cannot remember it...
The nightmare, it comes
Borne on the wings of illness
Every time


It lies there, broken,
Desolate on the bleak rocky shore
Hurled time after time
By the merciless waves
Smashed against the stony crags
Again and again
Feebly struggling for breath,
Gasping, and stinging salt water seeps into its open mouth
Left alone for one relieving moment
Then sucked back into the sea
And hurled against the stones
Until it seems it cannot get more shattered
But what makes it worse
Are those brief moments of relief
Emphasizing the agonizing terror and pain
Of the greedy, malicious ocean
And still...
It lies there, broken

Journey On

White sails billowing
Towards the sun
To the ocean--
Journey on

Wooden coracle
Bearing strong
Down a river--
Journey on

Rickety wagon
Through a meadow--
Journey on

All you travelers
Every dawn
I salute you--
Journey on

Music Grand

Music grand,
Singing, singing,
Blending perfectly
Music comes to life
Springing from the notes,
Stiff, rigid black lines on paper
Turning into
Silver melodies ringing clear
Golden harmonies humming soft
Springing to life
Music grand

Autumn Collaboration

As we bear the cold autumn winds
The brisk autumn nights
The cold trails us by a hair everywhere
Yet still, we play outside
We run outside
We talk outside
Through the hay maze
Like little mice for cheese
We wander too the end
For the great big prize
Crunch crunch crunch, the sound
Of a big leaf pile
Jumped upon
Numerous times
Being shaped into
Cars, trains,
Boats, and spaceships
Being raked Up
And Up
And Up.
[Authors note: this was made by me myself, and i]

Eating in the Sun

Listen, do you hear the sun?
That burning sound--yes, that one!
Ever louder it is growing
Joy and life now it is showing

Better than that other sound,
Than that dreary hum, I've found
One that comes from those gray skies
Makes you want to close your eyes

Wait, pay attention, stay in your seat--
Smell that, hear that? It's time to eat!


Here is something you can do:
Lose yourself in books of lore
Soak them in, hear the stories
Life, death, love evermore

Here is something you can do:
Run for joy in meadows wide
Feel the wind and world rush past
Pay no heed to your aching side

Here is something you can do:
Find a quiet place and kneel
Talk to Him, and He will listen
His tender care, then, you will feel

Here is something never done:
Sacrificing your own Son...
And yet, God did
In love unmeasured, never hid

Only Nothing

He reaches his hand up
"There's so much to grab
I need only take it for myself
No one will know
I will prosper
I will rise high in the world
I will be powerful
No one will know
I need only take it for myself "
He says to himself and

He reaches his hand up
And his fist closes on air
As he grasps in vain for
Empty promises

Answer Me

Sunset glory
Mountains tall
Hear my story
Hear my call

Leave your silence
Speak to me
Show no violence
You, who see

I am weary
Are you not?
Time is dreary
Years are naught

Give me answer
Nothing more
Whence the dancer?
Why the shore?

Where the seasons?
Who the sun?
Give me reasons
More than one

Sunset glory
Mountains tall
Shun my story...
Scorn my call

Not Satisfied

Eagle's wings, soaring high
Carry me away from here
Through the breeze and to the sky
Until, until the moon is near

Eagle's wings, soaring far
Carry me away from here
Underneath one shining star
Leave behind one glistening tear

Eagle's wings, soaring low
Never bring me where I seek
Faltering as tempests blow
Falling, then, on deserts bleak

Eagle's wings, soaring not
Cannot satisfy my soul
Never finding what I sought
Never will they fill that hole

Why and When

Why the never-ending seas?
Why the swarming, buzzing bees?
Why the twinkling, sparkling stars?
Why the rushing, coughing cars?

When will time come to an end?
When will rivers never bend?
When will ocean floors be dry?
When will people never lie?

How am I supposed to know?
When the trees dance in the snow!

Sleepy Time

Now the time has come to sleep,
Dreams await you, little one
Dreams of shepherds, heroes, sheep,
Now the nighttime has begun

Dreams of mountains far and near,
Dreams of oceans shimm'ring fair,
Images of prancing deer,
A meadow with a single mare

Dreams await you, little one
Rest your little head tonight
Soon you'll feel the morning sun
For now, the stars will be your light

Sleep away your weariness
In the morning you shall play
Sleep and dream in happiness,
Till at last it comes--the new day

Leave Your Sorrow and Despair

Look into the evening sky,
See the glory gleaming there,
Lift your voice and strive to fly
Leave your sorrow and despair

Listen for the river's song,
Hear the beauty flowing there,
Listen close and listen long,
Leave your sorrow and despair

Plunge your fingers to the snow,
Feel the spirit burning there,
Spirits high and spirits low,
Leave your sorrow and despair

When the tide goes out to sea
When you see the rainbow there,
Look, listen, feel so free...

Leave your sorrow and despair


Let all jubilee spill out!
Let all People rejoice!
As we have a week full of
Fellowship, friends, and laughter
As we look back at all the old times
Together in the church.
Happy 25th Anniversary
Authors note: lets celebrate!!

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Paper Airplanes

They fly high in the sky
gliding, diving,
twirling, whirling
yet light as a feather
Authors note: You want too learn how too make paper airplane YEEEESSSS????? then keep eyes on sensei!!