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As I sat there

As I sat there..
I wondered if it
would ever happen again
No.. Not likely
In a few million years?
I glanced up again
Hoping; maybe something would happen?
I wouldn't have followed it
If my mind wasn't in a stage of limbo
Steely sweat drops across my face
Pelting across the water
It made me feel free&alive
Reality hit me,
I plunged into darkness



There's something bursting out of me
But what, I still don't know
It comes so fast I cannot see
Then, just as quick, will go.
I'm finding beauty everywhere
And right behind it, grief
Within the wonder comes despair
Relentless, no relief.
I tried to be a rushing stream,
One fluid, flowing force
Then that became an anguished dream
Until I found the source.
It breaks my heart to see your tears
I tremble as you weep
For life is not as it appears--
I've been too long asleep. 
My wandering is at an end
I'm leaving grief behind
So come with me and be my friend
A new world's there to find. 


Wonder of a Child

You know God? 
the One who made the stars 
and when He was 
scattering them through the universes 
He put a big one next to Earth, 
(which He made just by talking) 
to be the sun, exactly the right distance away, 
and He built a lot of stuff from 
teeny, tiny, atoms and 
all the smaller things making those up, 
stuff like molecules 
which are water 
and diamond, and iron, 
and lots of other things, 
which connect together and make 
and rocks and salt, 
and that's not all 
because He also took those molecules 
and made life-- 
a miracle in itself-- 
creating trees and grass and flowers 
and animals from the tiny amoebas 
to the hugest of dinosaurs 
and not just life, 
because He also made us, 
every single one of us 
with all our hopes and dreams and the way we think 
and what we look like 
down to our every strand of hair 
and every wrinkle in our palms, 
You know, God? 

I just thought that it was cool 
that Someone so wonderful and amazing and powerful, 
not to mention awesome, 

would hold my hand every day. 


I Seem To Be...I Really Am...

I seem to be
kind of hyperactive
maybe not kind of)
one who dances without music
--it's all in my head--
and skips around with little children
and jumps for no apparent reason
and talks a bit too much
and also likes to lie down
in the middle of the floor.
which i kind of am
you might not guess that
I really am
a quiet spirit
within a bouncing shell)
one who lies awake at night
wondering about beauty
and in the morning smiles
beauty is.
and sometimes only watches
from a distance
seeing much but staying silent
and contemplates the mysteries
of growing up, and
and rhythms and
how they make us need to move
and having personalities
at all.

I seem to be
so people tell me)
one who cares for others
and takes their interests as my own
enjoyable to talk to
and fun.
which i'm not sure i seem to be at all
if so:
you wouldn't think that really,
none of that is me.
because really I'm
proud of all my talents
and accomplishments
aren't even really mine, you see)
and all I actually care about
is me
because I'm the center of my world
and deep inside I think you'd do well
to realize and remember it--
but thank the living God, my Father,
bit by bit
He's taking that away.

I seem to be
everlastingly, strikingly, achingly,
abundantly, overwhelmingly, greatly,
Guess what?

I really am.