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Why so worried?

Anxiety: a state of worry or concern
It is also the cause of those little wrinkles upon your forehead that make you look so very forlorn.
It’s rather depressing actually, to see you like this.
What ever happened to Peace, Happiness, and Bliss?
Let us not worry, for we are in greater hands.
What will happens will happen, and it happens for the best.
Even though we might not understand, it’s all part of the plans.
Let’s see a smile upon that worried face.
Yes, it is good to see the dim anxious frown replace.

Disney Channel Movies

So Once in a While,
Disney cranks out
A good Movie like
But mostly, they're quite awful
Or like
(1 was not so bad)
Or the newest:
Spare yourself some
Wasted Life and Time
And don't watch any of
Named As Bad

More Weather

The weather is slowly warming
The sun now constantly out
Playing outside is more of a joy
Running around with a shout

Although the sky still sometimes grays
When down comes the summer rain
The rain will be warmer than before
No longer ice, freezing pain

Weather in summer is better and nice
Except in days of a hundred degrees
But in those days there's always the POOL
And shade underneath lots of trees


Socks ;o

Blue, orange, white,
purple, yellow and green
polka dotted from top to toe
all the way up to my knees they go
Colors of the rainbow,
dotted along the gray
Size 5-9 and I didn't have to pay!

(I love socks....)

Our Apologies

For all of this blog's followers
We really must apologize
Our poem-posts have grown less constant
Even those about gray skies

We promise you, our readers dear
Abandon blogs we do not do
So though we won't post three a day
It definitely will continue

If you're bored and if you're free
You can come here anytime
There's no guarantee of new posts
But still, enjoy our silly rhymes

Weather, life, or anything,
We will surely write about it,
And we haiku, free-verse, rhyme
Poems really are a hit!



It starts in the Form
Of Portfolio Craze
Find your Files!
Stick 'em in...
Then Go to your
Nervous, Anxious,

She looks over
"I'm Impressed!"
"You've really done a lot."
A Sigh

It's Over


“Get up! Get out! It’s time to go”,
she shout.
“No, I shan’t. I feel as if I were going to puke!”
He moaned and groaned, giving everyone rebuke
“Just because it is ill you have fell, doesn’t mean you must become so very pell-mell”
She tried to coax, she tried to make me go,
But all he felt was more woe.
He would not go, he certainly would not,
not to the store, not anymore.
He protested,
for he ever so detested,
the store in which he was beckoned to go.
But it was an awful good fight she fought.
And eventually he did what he ought,
he gave up, he couldn’t resist,
he gave in to the bribes and the promises given
And so the sickness faded,
And to the store went he where he was bade-ed.

A day to remember

Dearly beloved,
we have gathered here today
to say goodbye,
to one who has passed away
she will be missed by all
And all shall miss,
her sparkling smile as she stands tall,
her glistening eyes,
for we shan't see them for quite a while
So these daises we'll throw,
and songs we shall sing,
to our departed Kelly

Bad News

...and we regret to inform you...
Even though that I do hate to bring bad news,
that though the sun was nice,
it has not lasted
The clouds have settled in,
the rain has fallen,
and it's gray and dismal again
Oh, the unpredictable June weather

OH, Sunny Day

Hooray, hooray,
Today, today's a sunny day!
For weeks it seemed
The sun was gone
The clouds would rule
But not for long!
Mr. Sun has broken through
And shines upon the trees
All the plants lift up their heads
And greener glow the leaves!
Today, today,
Let's go out and play!


These band aids two,
marked with the lovable Scooby Doo
A fellow author of our little blog,
who's taken to a few scrapes,
are to who this special gift is to,
Hope your scrapes get better...
And that you like Scooby Doo ^_^

Graduation Day

He's graduating--
My Brother Dan
He'll survive in college
(Well, I hope he can)

But the house will seem empty
Just Jeremy and I
And we can't sing like HIM,
So why even try?

But I won't lose hope,
Someday we'll sing too
And, as well, graduate!
That's something new!

So never despair
School one day will end
(Like it will for my brother)
And to work you'll attend...

(But that's not a bad thing, work brings MONEY)


The Rain

The Rain
Sheets down
Whipped Around By
The Wind
Hammers, hammers
Into the Ground
Strings Down
Falling From the
Drips, drips, Drips
Off The leaves
Waters Trees
Waters Grass--
Earth Drinks in
The Rain

Mysterious June Weather

Yet another dreary gray day
The trees stand out,
against the gray clouds
A cold 60 degrees reads the thermometer
And to think, we thought it was June
It seems like March or April
I suppose Summer has been put on delay
Maybe tomorrow will be a sunnier day?


Summer is almost here
Summers time is near
Hot Summer Days
Cool Summer Nights
Not a cloud in sight
Summers time is here!
(Authors note: summer totally rocks!!!)


Puppies, yippity yappity
They go around chasing their tales
happily having fun
They play all day
At night they come in
And snuggle down
They nuzzle your chin
Giving affection
Tomorrow a brand new day
(NOTE: this may make no sense at all!!)


So today I went to the library
And on my crutches hopped
And tried to get at the low-down books
But eventually I stopped,
'Cause complications galore arise,
(I almost poked myself in the eyes)
And contented myself to look


Spring Breeze

The spring breeze whips through your hair..
Unknowing where it goes next
It has no care of where it goes
It has no notion of what it does
It travels far & wide
Through the trees and over the tide
The spring breeze is always there..