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Across this churning, tossing sea of life
There lies, prepared for me, a wondrous place
Where heartbreak, sorrow, pain, all tears and strife
Dissolve, and are eternally erased
A place of perfect peace--my Lord is there
His Face shall give more light than does the sun
The multitude to sing the praises fair
Of God, the Everlasting Sovereign One
When life does rise and lift me high above
I sometimes faintly glimpse that distant shore
That glows a shining, glorious pledge of love,
A promise made by God; I need not more.
To go there now--I know I surely would
And this remains: my God, my God is good.

[A/N: My first attempt at writing a sonnet...lemme know how you think I did.]

The Story

I have a story, just for you
And better yet, the story's true--
Of what sustains my every breath
Of how a Love endured through death

Now, listen: God, of glorious might
Of endless knowledge, piercing sight,
The treasure of the greatest worth,
He spoke a word and made the earth

And with it, He created man
And held the creature in His hand
There was no suff'ring, was no pain,
On perfect love there was no stain

But pride then entered Adam's heart
One bite was just the dreadful start
Of mankind's war against their God
In sin and shame now man would trod

The way once open closed with grief
All glimpses of His glory brief
A chasm vast gaped deep and wide
From God's dear presence, man would hide

So time in sorrow passed on by,
But God had made His plans on high
The ever-selfless, gracious One
So loved the world--He sent His Son

Then God in humbled human form
Was met with malice, jeers, and scorn
He lived a perfect life for us,
Then took my place upon the cross

The Father's wrath poured out on Him
And even as the earth grew dim,
He felt the anguish and the cost
But suffered through to save the lost

For sin was covered by His blood
Dissolving in that crimson flood
And death as well was overturned
As Jesus from the grave returned

A hope for man, who'd gone astray
To God there was again a way--
The chasm wide is wide no more
For Jesus Christ has won the war!

Those who by faith believe His name
No longer bear their guilt and shame
The Holy Spirit dwells within
To aid us in our fight with sin

Now time is drawing to a close
And rife and fearsome are the foes
But all the little odds and ends
Point to the Day when Christ descends

He'll come again, now as the King
His glorious praises we shall sing
The Lord will make the world anew
The balance never more askew

His people to His arms will run
As precious daughter, precious son
A paradise with God once more
The Kingdom with the King most sure

Now tell me, would you rather fight
Against the God who spoke the light?
Or let His blood wash over you
And be reborn a creature new?

The story still continues on
With every dusk and every dawn
The Author writes each day anew...
But don't forget--He loves you too