Half-Lucid (a collaboration)

Awake inside the realm of sleep,
with dread
I try to run from Fate,
to fly,
but wings are bound to earth
by mind's own fiction.

[written by me, Alix, and Emmie]


Cinquian (1)

Breathless quiet
The stillness soothes the fear
A brief absence of distraction
At ease

word magnets pt. II

his fair night turns foul:
a vow by death to nothing dream,
and mortal man
was discontent to sleep.




The deception of reality,
a sea of doubt glossed over hesitation
I've slipped further into belief of my disbelief,
a numb and accepted sedation
Beguiled by my own thoughts, I thought.
A distant captivation
The disillusioned whisper,
bleary and suspicious
But there was no trouble,
no injury,
There was no story to tell
No truth afterall.