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The Song of the Sea

The sea is raising voice above the land
She sings of sunken ships, of sailors' graves
Her song within each splash upon the sand
A melody of crashing, tossing waves
The song is sometimes but a gentle lull
A whispered promise speaking of delight
It mingles with the cry of every gull
And casts its luring call throughout the night
Sometimes the song is whipped into a roar
A sound of beauty terrible to hear
The thrashing waves that pound upon the shore
The frenzied whistling wind that fills with fear
And still she calls me, longs to set me free--
I'll always love the wild and singing sea.
i wonder why the stars don't move,
and why the cities never smile,
or why the tea is never warm,
why the haze lingers long,
and the donuts are made with holes
and hearts not unlike the different
why the earth is spinning,
why the people seem to thwart,
and the flowers never grow
i wonder why the trees can't croon,
and why the businessmen wear black,
why the love of many keeps,
and the love of one keeps ceaselessly
i wonder why.


Little cows look down and smile,
munching and dreaming for a while
Dry Summer's wind hastens to come inform,
that this weather is far from lukewarm
Mr. Cow's tail is inclined to swat at the flies
Summer is under quite the sticky guise

*in dedication to our lovely new face lift. long live the cow!