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Leviticus 19

Why would I
give freely
where I have received none,
why be honest
when I have been deceived,
why uphold truth
where I have been slandered,
why care
when I have been ignored,
Why should I love
those who have not loved me?

Behind me is a crumbling world
so dark that I have lived in blindness
Around me, a multitude
of creatures so majestic, my heart thrills in awe
Before me is a light
so bright my dark-blind eyes cannot behold it.
From this throne, reams of glory
flow unceasingly, reflecting
onto these creatures
that sing like so many mirrors
Holy, Holy, Holy!
Herein lies the desire of my heart
for on the throne is seated
my awesome Lord, Creator, King
in whom is more than enough for
the satisfaction of my soul.

Then, the praises of the angels seem
so far away, as cries of mockery
rail against this same glorious One,
bloody as any burnt offering,
back torn apart like the rending of dove’s wings.
From this rugged tree, streams of mercy
flow unreservedly, washing me
Herein lies the fountain of my joys
for on the cross was sacrificed
my living Priest, Atonement, King
in whom is found, once for all
the salvation of my soul.

How can I aspire to be like Him,
so perfect, majestic, and good?
And yet this is my King’s command:
His people shall be holy, for He is holy
His people shall love, for He is the Lord.
So I will not linger at the altar
of myself, but imitate my Master
And I, though all the world should say
it makes no sense to them,
I shall love my neighbor
as myself.



someone once said to me,
never mistake a shadow for a soul.
i said to him,
no one does--
we only
mistake souls for shadows.

almost there,
we run so hard the ground will break
still it's not enough.
where the stars die,
a faint light wanders, disappears
then returns:
do you follow it
or do i?
i am learning the rain
reminding me of people i once knew
people that were me
and you.
(are we still here?
this icy warmth is blinding me
i can't see you at all.)
i suppose we have a choice,
but i don't know
who lives or dies.

i am looking harder at the dark
i think there's more to see.