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“Get up! Get out! It’s time to go”,
she shout.
“No, I shan’t. I feel as if I were going to puke!”
He moaned and groaned, giving everyone rebuke
“Just because it is ill you have fell, doesn’t mean you must become so very pell-mell”
She tried to coax, she tried to make me go,
But all he felt was more woe.
He would not go, he certainly would not,
not to the store, not anymore.
He protested,
for he ever so detested,
the store in which he was beckoned to go.
But it was an awful good fight she fought.
And eventually he did what he ought,
he gave up, he couldn’t resist,
he gave in to the bribes and the promises given
And so the sickness faded,
And to the store went he where he was bade-ed.
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