The Real Youthcamp

Throwing frisbees, playing Stand, whacking birdies
Punching volleyballs, performing skits
Competing against each other, losing points, gaining points
Hiking, memorizing
So this, you say, this is Youthcamp?
Well, yes, we answer, but no--
This is only half, a quarter, an eighth.
Worshiping passionately, praying fervently
Meaningful discussions, wonderful devotions, powerful messages,
The Holy Spirit moving like a colossal wave,
Breaking open hearts of stone
Flowing through the cracks and
Turning them to hearts of flesh
People--teens, children, parents--on their knees
Row after row, confessing sins, weeping for joy
Jesus Christ, the perfect One, has died for them,
Their sins forgiven, washed away!
People--teens, children, parents--
Saved, all by God's infinite mercy
This, we say,
This is Youthcamp.
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