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Collaboration for a Celebration!

We started one boring May Wednesday night,
With a haiku or two and warm welcome

We invited a reader or two, or three,

And soon our beautiful tri-blog blossomed,
As we gained follower after follower,
Till we had six of those lovers of poetry,
The Lives of Three in Poetry is thankful


Your witty comments,
"Teehee's", "Sweet's", and even your "umm's" and "eww's",
We are grateful for
We've come this far

In the life of our small blog
100 posts,

And 100 plus poems!

Haikus, free verse, traditional,
And even more,
So grab your party hats

And let the jubilee begin!

So as we close
These stanzas three,
We thank you all
For being with us

We have come a long way

And we thank you!
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