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Truthful Deceptions

Once upon a fresh dreary autumn dark,
I dreamed a dream beyond the night,
a dream so new and strange,
it still gives me quite a fright

Twas such a dream filled with truthful deception,
just enough to make you want to continue the delusion.
But things hastily turn to confusion and sorrow from such relaxation

Icy cold sweat floods your body as your teeth glaringly grind in the night,
everything within your every being has change, there is no solution
Your muscles tighten as your heart goes a-flight,
you can feel it coming over you,
as if it were a great pollution.
Your heart is beating with such rapid pace,
the rest of your being can hardly keep up.
The fear rises upon your horror-stricken face…

But then with the speed of a second,
the insanity is over.
You find yourself awake,
reality begins to surrounds you,
but still your body can do nothing but shake

The voices you heard,
the stomping,
the quarrels,
the shirking,
everything you felt,
all that you thought you knew,
and all that you had yet to,
all were but only a dream.
Only a mere dream
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