Nightmare of Gold

Every time
The dream, it comes
A nightmare borne on the wings of illness
The same one
The same nightmare, it comes
I find myself trapped, lost, stuck
In a golden expanse of a blur
Too bright
And yet, too dull
Who knew gold could be so depressing?
I'm lost, my head spinning
Churning, focusing
On everything, and nothing
Then comes the voice,
The voice that gives all despair
The voice that causes a trembling
It calls out to me
"Aha! Now you're here,
Now you're here once again
Shall we start once again?
Ha! we will start once again."
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
It speaks to me
"Try one"
Overwhelmed, suddenly
Pain, bursting throughout my head
Bursting with no control
Bursting, it hurts
Staggering pain, overwhelming
It radiates from my mouth
Too much like a seizure
I cry out for mercy
It stops--
Ominous chuckle
Malicious chuckle
The voice raises to a shout
A calm shout, infuriating calm
"Now! Try a hundred!"
Overwhelmed a hundred magnified
Bursting a hundred magnified
I can't control it
I can't bear it
I scream for mercy, but
Mercy never comes
The golden expanse, it pounds
Pounds on my eyes, on my head
The cruel voice
Keeps raising it, up and up
A thousand, two thousand, three
It goes on and on
I remember it
Yet I cannot remember it...
The nightmare, it comes
Borne on the wings of illness
Every time
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