Testimony Poem

Let me tell you of my story
Let me tell you of His grace
How He saved a rebel running
Running down a hell-bound race

I was unaware of mercy
I was unaware of love
I knew only self and pleasure
Never thought of God above

Then, I learned that I'm a sinner
Learned that I'm deserved of wrath
Learned that God was righteous, holy
Learned I walked on the wrong path

What to do, then, what to do?
Was I truly bound for hell?
Had I any hope of heav'n?
When I'd found someone who'd tell--

Nothing, I was shocked to hear,
All already had been done
Jesus bore that wrath for me
He, the Father's only Son!

'Cause of Him, I now can say
By His blood I've been washed clean
I'm adopted as His child
Receiving love I'd never seen

He is still my caring Father
He will never cease to be
He possesses love unmeasured
And by His grace--He saved me!
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