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Pearl of Greatest Price

Now everything around him seems a pearl of greatest price
But never does he see one inside of a single grain of rice
Now meaningless this life is all he thinks he wants or needs
But never does he stoop so low so as to plant a single seed
Now seeing all of nothing he believes his way is right
But never does he realize the darkness from the light
Now loving worthless jewels he allows his soul decay
But never does he even spare a thought to stop and pray
Then suddenly he's given sudden sight and sudden knowing
And suddenly the stopped-up stream of life is started flowing
And suddenly he sees that all he's loved are worthless goods
And suddenly he sees beyond the oceans and the woods
And only then does he receive what had been done for him
And with a shout, his life returns, his mind no longer dim
Now only one thing to him is the pearl of greatest price
And when he goes away from here, he'll go to paradise

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