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Lost No More

The way is cold and lost,
Wind daunts like a bitter frost,
Death hisses in your ear,
Rudely awakening the slumber of Fear,
"Come to me... your days are done!"
All but sorrow has vanished and gone
Rising quickly comes despair,
Your very mind and soul to tear
What is life now but a mist?
A shadow, yet so merciless
Your eyes cannot see for the dark
Upon your head there's a cursed mark
...Suddenly, a burst of light!
Burning clear into the night
Illuminates a mighty Hand
Stretched out to pull you from the sand
All through you Joy breathes precious breath,
Free from the tyranny of Death!
Your Father sweeps you up in His arms,
He'll keep you from that worst of harms
A gentle breeze is blowing fair,
To wipe out every trace of despair
The cursed mark has been erased,
Now in God's heaven take your place!
A meaning comes to life once more,
On eagle's wings you'll soar.

[A/N--First four lines written by Ellie; her own version of this poem coming soon. I hope.]
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