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Raise Your Eyes Above

I wanted to know
Why does the world seem so alluring?
Why, when I look at it,
I long to immerse myself,
To drink my fill of earthly pleasures?
What is the world,
Compared to heaven,
That I should desire it?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Beauty,
My Glory
My Power
See how I spoke the light into being
See how I made man from the dust of the ground
Look on my Creation--
But Look on Me.
Then why, oh why,
Do I care for the creation--
So much more than the Creator?
Why, when I gaze on your power,
I am frightened only,
And simply seek to hide myself?
And what can I do?
Look on Me, said the Lord
Look on my Mercy,
My Grace
My Love
See how I sacrificed my Son for your sins
See how I raised Him up from the dead
Look on the Cross--
And Look on Me.
I wanted to know
Why, oh my Father, do you love me so?
Why, when I am but a rebel astray,
Not loving you as I ought,
A reckless child who ran away?
What praise may I give you,
That is praise enough
For all that you have done?
And what can I do?
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