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A Faraway Place (yes, a return to free verse!)

I step into the night,
Inhale the fresher evening air--cool, calm;
I close my eyes, and
Imagine, I'm in a place
Untouched by civilization,
Unreached, alone,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.
Imagine, it wouldn't be like this there--
Not mixed with the familiar smell of asphalt,
The traces of exhaust
The deep rumblings of machines; faint
whirring of faraway cars.
Not silence either--crickets would be singing,
Tree frogs trilling, and from time to time
A howl or hoot or bark,
And the stars twinkling almost audibly.
It's a beautiful
Shimmering Place:
I'll go there someday.
So for now, I close my eyes and
Imagine, I'm there now,
With only Creation, the Creator,
And me.
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