I Am

Every day I call the dawn,
The sun, to run its course
I'll stay till all the Earth is gone
For I remain, the Source
I blow the wind to fill your sails
I guide the river's flow
I whip the ocean's mighty gales,
And craft each drop of snow
I tell each lightning bolt its path
I speak through thunder's voice
I rule the lion's mighty wrath
And make the rains rejoice
I paint the rainbow's radiant glow,
I give the flow'rs their hue
I draw the tide from high to low
And garb the grass with dew
I bring the oak tree from its seed
I build the mountain's crest
I care for every sparrow's need
And grant the eagle rest
And every night I close your eyes
I watch you while you dream
To bring you safe to morning skies
Into My daylight's gleam
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