diet ice cream

falling slowly, into mire gloomy
the overseers sings songs of groovy
there is nothing more to lose
tossing heavy with humor, an ocean of gastric juice
what more hides behind the veil?
the grey fog gathers close to wail

hope dons a heavy iron crown,
while the people who pass wear the same frown
the mocking bird smiles slyly,
his garb, a choker of overgrown ivy
tomorrow will forget the wind
as society seems to be quiet blind
the rain is inclined to take a bold chance
so, let us all enjoy this hypnotic trance

tell me it is not a farewell you imply
even though elves have not an intimidating battle cry
forever's march is still yet never ending
however, it's all the rules we'll be bending
your lips are cracked and dry
bobby stole your rhubarb pie

bloodstained tears cover the skies
for, picking mushrooms blindly is unwise
every page falls to its death,
by the cringing hand of bad breath
hear the harsh tone of fire's crackling roar
the reality of everything dear is never spoken for
she weeps unheard in the cold moonlight
come, dance to polka's muse with me tonight

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