It's dark here,
and I can't remember what sunlight looks like.
Is it yellow, green, or blue?
It can't be red, because I can't remember red.
What is white?
Maybe sunlight is white.
But it's dark here,
and I hate it.
Hate how the sound of water
is but a drip and trickle
maddeningly out of rhythm
Hate how the ground is cold
and wet, slimy,
Hate how the only voice is mine
too loud, too soft
and strange to my ears.
Do I still speak?
Or is this just my mind?

Oh, take me home!

I remember home
Hugs, smiles, light
friends (who were they?)
trees, grass, stars,
Mountains in the distance,
cool rivers laughing,
rushing by
clouds dancing in the sky,
thunder, lightning
thrills of speed.
But I can't remember sunlight.

I want to.

Oh, take me home!


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