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I Seem To Be...I Really Am...

I seem to be
kind of hyperactive
maybe not kind of)
one who dances without music
--it's all in my head--
and skips around with little children
and jumps for no apparent reason
and talks a bit too much
and also likes to lie down
in the middle of the floor.
which i kind of am
you might not guess that
I really am
a quiet spirit
within a bouncing shell)
one who lies awake at night
wondering about beauty
and in the morning smiles
beauty is.
and sometimes only watches
from a distance
seeing much but staying silent
and contemplates the mysteries
of growing up, and
and rhythms and
how they make us need to move
and having personalities
at all.

I seem to be
so people tell me)
one who cares for others
and takes their interests as my own
enjoyable to talk to
and fun.
which i'm not sure i seem to be at all
if so:
you wouldn't think that really,
none of that is me.
because really I'm
proud of all my talents
and accomplishments
aren't even really mine, you see)
and all I actually care about
is me
because I'm the center of my world
and deep inside I think you'd do well
to realize and remember it--
but thank the living God, my Father,
bit by bit
He's taking that away.

I seem to be
everlastingly, strikingly, achingly,
abundantly, overwhelmingly, greatly,
Guess what?

I really am.


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