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Wonder of a Child

You know God? 
the One who made the stars 
and when He was 
scattering them through the universes 
He put a big one next to Earth, 
(which He made just by talking) 
to be the sun, exactly the right distance away, 
and He built a lot of stuff from 
teeny, tiny, atoms and 
all the smaller things making those up, 
stuff like molecules 
which are water 
and diamond, and iron, 
and lots of other things, 
which connect together and make 
and rocks and salt, 
and that's not all 
because He also took those molecules 
and made life-- 
a miracle in itself-- 
creating trees and grass and flowers 
and animals from the tiny amoebas 
to the hugest of dinosaurs 
and not just life, 
because He also made us, 
every single one of us 
with all our hopes and dreams and the way we think 
and what we look like 
down to our every strand of hair 
and every wrinkle in our palms, 
You know, God? 

I just thought that it was cool 
that Someone so wonderful and amazing and powerful, 
not to mention awesome, 

would hold my hand every day. 

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