Easter Present

He put the glowing bundle in my hands.

'What's this?' I said.
'My life,' was the reply.
    'Yours now.'
(I stood dumbstruck.)

'List of things inside,' he went on:
        never lies to Mom. never talks back to Dad. Yours.
        never speaks an unkind word. Yours.
        never gets annoyed with anything. Yours.
        always makes the right decision. Yours.
        always has complete self-control. Yours.
        pure thoughts. Yours.
        family relationship with Creator of all,
        stubborn love in the face of hatred,
        absolute, utter perfection--yours, yours, yours.
        more, too, if you keep looking.

'Mine,' I repeated. 'Mine?'
'My gift to you,' he said, smiling.
    'All yours.'
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