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The Hang-Up Loop

The girl of your dreams
is a hijacked fragment of a person,
flat as a rice screen
and blinding as a hasty sunrise.

You close your eyes and access
the interface: she plays guitar
and holds your hand and lets you run
your fingers through her hair,
but you have forgotten
what her voice should sound like.

define VocalQuality windchimes \\\ ? no
class->. strings(instrument)
          1. {cello};
          2. {harp_
          3. flute? ERROR

She has glasses and wears them sometimes.
She writes songs and sings them herself.
She flickers—flicks through pages—
a library heart of your favorites:
War and Peace, The Great
Gatsby, The Little Prince, and

her thoughtful eyes are clear blue as oceans
but that’s not right.

display[] EyeColor = {
          “cherry wood”, “Potter’s clay”, “cherry wood”
          “hazelnut”, “new moon”, “hazelnut”
          “cherry wood”, “Potter’s clay”, “cherry wood”
          } \\\ ?? unsure
>> ERROR unexpected symmetry

“I shouldn’t have you here
at all,” you say, while slow-dancing.
For response, left hand
burning through your shoulder,
her brow creases in an elegant curve—
you remembered that one
perfectly—and you think, you
could weep right now.

function wit = intelligence(conversation)
          define Vocabulary = [lexicon];
          processing = Vocabulary(conversation)^personality;
          wit = Vocabulary(processing);
>> ERROR undefined parameter "personality"

She smooths a thousand wrinkles
from her ricepaper skirt,
and shrugs a crimson cardigan
over the orange blouse you last
saw her wearing.
"Darling," she buzzes, "it's time
to leave."

\\\ this language 
doesn’t exist

You should go
You should

>> end … ERROR
>> end … ERROR

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